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Latest update: 04-Jul-16 22:30 BST
Updated post-Wales victory

Home page

Welcome to my sports prediction website, written from scratch using the mighty notepad. I've worked long and hard on this & I hope that whilst playing it, you have 10% of the fun I had making it. Enjoy!


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A brief history

15th Jan 2010 - The website is officially open for business! It is not 100% done yet, but it's "good enough." If you come across any problems, then do drop me an email.

Jan-March - 6 nations competition run with a few teething issues but farly well.

March-mid April - World cup data loaded into system during spare moments.

last April - early May - further development done to make World Cup predications work properly, and adding a few new features.

14th May 2010 10:45pm - World Cup 2010 predictions website declared good for release! Hurrah!

7th November 2010 - Set-up for 6 nations 2011 complete & ready to accept entrants.

If you have any problems, then do contact me.