BA's Prediction League

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Latest update: 04-Jul-16 22:30 BST
Updated post-Wales victory

Rules of the competition


The World Cup 2014 Prediction League is a simple game to play. Guess the results of all the matches in this summer's World Cup. The closer you are to the actual result, the more points you get. Whoever has the most points at the end of the competition wins! In addition, you can also score points through your Hot Picks - teams you think will do well in World Cup 2014.

Points scoring

Your predictions for every match score points as follows...
PointsYour prediction
10Correct scoreline
8Correct winner and margin of victory
7Correct winner and one team's correct score
5Correct winner only
2One team's correct score
0None of the above
In the knockout stage, all points are doubled. For example, a correct scoreline gets you 20 points. So, even if you scored few points in the group stages, you still have a chance. In the event of extra time and penalties, the result that counts is the scoreline after extra time. So, if the score is 1-1 after extra time, then the game counts as a draw for the purposes of this game.

Hot picks

Your hot picks are three teams you pick who you hope will do well. The further in the competition they go, the more points you score, however the "better" teams will also score you more points than the "worse" teams. Click here for a more detailed explanation.


You can change your predictions up until the match kicks off. Your hotpicks and tie-breaker questions must be chosen before the first match kicks off. Bear in mind that all the teams that will form the 2nd round line-up will only become known between the 23rd and 26th June - with the second round matches starting on 28th June.


The tie-breaker question is "How many goals will be scored throughout the Competition?" This, obviously, doesn't include penalty shoot-outs. In the event of more than one team finishing with the same number of points, then the decide will be who got the most scorelines exactly correct - who got the most "perfect tens." If this is also a tie, then whoever was closer with the tie-breaker question will finish above of the other team(s). If this fails to seperate them, then whoever scored most points in the World Cup 2014 final will win. Failing that, the semi-final total point score, failing that the quarter-final total point score. If that doesn't seperate the teams, a tie is declared.


This prediction league is FREE to enter! Nothing, gratis, zip, nil.


Since it is free to enter, and no company is sponsoring us, there will be no prizes, other than the satisfying feeling inside of finding out that you are better at predicting football matches than your friends. Isn't that worth playing for?


The game is split into 4 phases. The only real purpose of these phases is so you can see how well you have performed in each section of the competition, you might also be able to say "Well, at least I won phase 3" :) The four phases are :
  • Phase 1 - first group matches (12th June - 17th June)
  • Phase 2 - second group matches (17th June - 22nd June)
  • Phase 3 - third group matches (23rd June - 26th June)
  • Phase 4 - knockout stage matches (28st June - 13th July) - ALL POINTS COUNT DOUBLE