BA's Prediction League

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Latest update: 04-Jul-16 22:30 BST
Updated post-Wales victory

Hot picks rules

Your hot picks are three teams you pick who you hope will do well. The further in the competition they go, the more points you score, however the "better" teams will also score you more points than the "worse" teams. Here is the concept explained in more detail.

Scoring table

Team performancePoints scored
WinnersBase points value
Runners-upHalf base points value
Semi-finalistsA quarter base points value
Quarter-finalistsAn eighth base points value


Let's say you pick Brazil (16), Chile (80) and Japan (160) as your three hot picks. This table shows you how many points they would score you, depending on how far they progress.
Team's progressBrazilChileJapan
Group Stage000
Quarter Finals21020
Semi Finals42040

So, if you pick Brazil and they win the World Cup, you score 16 points. However, if you pick Chile and they make the quarter-finals, you score 10 points. If they made it to the semi-finals, you would score 20 points! So, it isn't necessarily the best option to choose the teams you think have a chance of winning the World Cup. It's up to you how risky you want your hotpicks to be.

The vast majority of your points will come from your match predictions, but hot picks add another, interesting dimension to the game.