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Latest update: 04-Jul-16 22:30 BST
Updated post-Wales victory


Argentina play Football and hail from South America.

Argentina are one of the favourites this year and it's easy to see why. Up front they have multiple winner of the world player of the year award Lionel Messi, Manchester City's leading striker Sergio Agüero, and Napoli's Gonzalo Higuaín (with an impressive 21 goals in 36 games for Argentina). In defense they are led by Manchester City pair Martín Demichelis and Pablo Zabaleta, and in midfield they have talents such as Javier Mascherano and Ángel di María (Barcelona & Real Madrid respectively).

As well as all that talent, they have also been given a kind draw, with an easy-looking run to the quarter finals. What could go wrong? Well, their defense doesn't have much pace, and recent results show they are not invincible (eg 0-0 draws with Romania and Ecuador, possible 2nd-round opponents). Nevertheless they are strongly-fancied, and now they have Alejandro Sabella in charge rather than the volatile Diego Maradona (seriously, who thought that was a good idea?) they are less likely to be tactically out-classed like they were last time round.

Check out some great Messi goals here (you can skip the first 40s).

Fixtures & results

Date Team 1 Team 2 Report
Football World Cup 2010
Group B
12-Jun-10 Argentina 1 - 0 Nigeria Report
17-Jun-10 Argentina 4 - 1 Korea (South) Report
22-Jun-10 Greece 0 - 2 Argentina Report
Last 16
27-Jun-10 Argentina 3 - 1 Mexico Report
03-Jul-10 Argentina 0 - 4 Germany Report
Football World Cup 2014
Group F
15-Jun-14 Argentina 2 - 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina Report
21-Jun-14 Argentina 1 - 0 Iran Report
25-Jun-14 Nigeria 2 - 3 Argentina Report
Last 16
01-Jul-14 Argentina 1 - 0 Switzerland Report
05-Jul-14 Argentina 1 - 0 Belgium Report
09-Jul-14 Argentina 0 - 0 Netherlands Report
13-Jul-14 Germany 1 - 0 Argentina Report