BA's Prediction League

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Latest update: 04-Jul-16 22:30 BST
Updated post-Wales victory


At the end of the World Cup 2010 competition, I asked for some feedback on the webiste & competition. Here are some of the responses I had.

  • The website was regularly updated, user friendly and simple to navigate.
  • A very efficient, simple and effective website for the task in hand!
  • The website worked without major quirks. I didn't look too hard (common injection patterns didn't work), but the website looked solid security-wise.\' OR 1=1;-- ... Yes, I know this is not going into a select statement :P
  • Great initiative and website layout. Nicely done. Better than some of the more professional sites I have used like and others.
  • A well run website which allowed for an entertaining competition between the players. Benjamin's grasp of the statistics behind the competition added an extra dimension to it.
  • Great work! So simple a Yank could do it :)