Old stats

Game ModeGame StartedGame Length (mins)Cup WinnersWinning ManagerGamesGlory Pts
Board Game28 Jun 2011 21:0917MiddlesbroughBenjamin4112
Extended Edition4 Jul 2011 22:162890Leeds UnitedRebecca10833
Board Game extended6 Aug 2011 17:0524Leicester CityRebecca8121
Board Game6 Aug 2011 17:3412Crystal PalaceAnn4010
Board Game7 Aug 2011 21:217StockportRebecca3714
Board Game10 Aug 2011 18:515MillwallAnn3814
Board Game extended10 Aug 2011 19:019MillwallIain7621
Board Game3 Sep 2011 20:4232Crystal PalaceRebecca4512
Board Game extended6 Sep 2011 21:1036EvertonBenjamin8026
Extended Edition9 Sep 2011 19:4544West Bromwich AlbionKayode11127
Board Game10 Sep 2011 17:3010RotherhamBenjamin397
Board Game1 Oct 2011 19:277BournemouthBenjamin3420
Board Game9 Oct 2011 15:4813FulhamBenjamin358
Board Game extended13 Oct 2011 21:0215Port ValeRebecca8928
Extended Edition22 Oct 2011 21:0622SunderlandRebecca10738
Board Game26 Oct 2011 13:058Stoke CityTerence3511
Board Game26 Oct 2011 13:214LiverpoolMatt Infinity!4013
Board Game extended31 Oct 2011 12:5115Sheffield UnitedTerence7520
Board Game2 Nov 2011 12:216ScunthorpeWerence3612
Board Game extended4 Nov 2011 12:4116Leyton OrientMatt7928
Extended Edition9 Nov 2011 12:1939Sheffield WednesdayBenjamin11138
Extended Edition11 Nov 2011 12:2515BurnleyWenger10130
Board Game12 Nov 2011 19:158CarlisleBenjamin3716
Extended Edition16 Nov 2011 12:3225NorwichTerence11751
Extended Edition18 Nov 2011 20:1823CharltonIain11632
Board Game extended24 Nov 2011 12:3716EvertonMatt7725
Board Game extended7 Dec 2011 12:3213Coventry CityBenjamin7129
Board Game12 Dec 2011 18:3614YorkIain4614
Extended Edition25 Dec 2011 17:5122Leicester CityRebecca11639
Board Game29 Dec 2011 21:519Leyton OrientRobert428
Board Game5 Jan 2012 20:3512BoltonIain4411
Board Game13 Jan 2012 12:3110West Bromwich AlbionBenjamin379
Extended Edition4 Feb 2012 20:0034NorwichBenjamin10938
Extended Edition11 Feb 2012 18:0924Swansea TownDavid11346
Extended Edition14 Apr 2012 15:3326WalsallBenjamin10335
Board Game extended18 Aug 2012 19:2817BarnsleyIain7726
Classic Mode +13 Sep 2012 21:2316Corby TownRebecca6530
Extended Edition6 Oct 2012 18:5725WorkingtonIain11239
Board Game30 Nov 2012 22:1913Leyton OrientChris3711
Board Game22 Dec 2012 13:511FulhamBenjamin2368
Europe Test22 Dec 2012 14:112CataniaBenjamin82
Classic Mode +22 Dec 2012 20:2415BurnleyCarole5716
Classic - Major European Leagues25 Dec 2012 23:379Doncaster RoversBenjamin4417
The complete FA Cup31 Dec 2012 22:0734Preston North EndIain15648
Classic Mode +10 Aug 2013 11:0512Corby TownBenjamin6022
Board Game extended24 Aug 2013 13:2914WorkingtonBenjamin7427
Board Game3 Dec 2013 14:352OldhamPete377
Board Game15 Dec 2013 19:179Leicester CityIsaac3611
Classic - Major European Leagues15 Dec 2013 19:309BadalonaBenjamin4010
Board Game15 Dec 2013 20:2418Evertonunclechris4411
Board Game19 Dec 2013 21:4610ChelseaBenjamin3413
Extended Edition20 Dec 2013 16:0938LiverpoolRebecca11827
Extended Edition22 Dec 2013 19:4426BirminghamAnn11940
Board Game23 Dec 2013 14:575Tottenham Hotspurisaac3712
Classic Mode +27 Dec 2013 22:0216BrentfordIain6122
Extended Edition27 Dec 2013 22:2719ArsenalRebecca11638
Board Game27 Dec 2013 22:283WrexhamIain4012
Extended Edition5 Apr 2014 14:0030Aston VillaBenjamin11227
Board Game22 Jun 2014 12:196Nottingham Forestluke349
Board Game22 Jun 2014 12:482Colchesterccsocn3712
The complete FA Cup3 Jul 2014 14:3929West HamGermany15651
Board Game9 Aug 2014 13:428Sheffield Unitedben4210
Classic - Major European Leagues9 Aug 2014 14:038AlessandriaIsaaaaaac4020
Classic - Major European Leagues9 Aug 2014 14:137Real MadridIsaaaaaac3410
Extended Edition9 Aug 2014 14:2422NewcastleIsaaaaaac11034
Classic - Major European Leagues10 Aug 2014 15:215Lincoln Cityisaac3511
Classic - Major European Leagues16 Aug 2014 15:178Legnanodad3915
Board Game1 Nov 2014 21:527ArsenalCampbell437
Board Game9 Nov 2014 14:18322ChelseaCaroline348
Board Game14 Nov 2014 04:416SunderlandGraham433
Board Game15 Nov 2014 07:468Manchester UnitedTim409
Board Game18 Nov 2014 20:568ChelseaTess467
Board Game19 Dec 2014 10:335Leeds Unitedpaul419
Board Game26 Dec 2014 23:044YorkChloe3917
Board Game29 Dec 2014 02:1414Huddersfieldrobby3915
Extended Edition30 Dec 2014 17:2326Sheffield UnitedRebecca10245
Board Game1 Jan 2015 17:2412ArsenalDaniel368
The complete FA Cup1 Jan 2015 17:3957Tottenham HotspurMartin16333
The complete FA Cup3 Jan 2015 10:4627BurnleyIain15731
Board Game6 Jan 2015 12:403West Bromwich AlbionEvie4111
Board Game6 Jan 2015 18:002Preston North EndScott3312
Board Game23 Jan 2015 22:099SunderlandZoe3911
Board Game31 Jan 2015 17:244ArsenalH3610
Board Game extended31 Jan 2015 17:4853SouthamptonJel8320
The complete FA Cup31 Jan 2015 18:5779BlackpoolH15245
Board Game8 Mar 2015 08:2722Leeds Unitedkr3916
Board Game9 Mar 2015 01:065LiverpoolCaroline398
Board Game13 Mar 2015 04:009Boltonian3913
The complete FA Cup13 Mar 2015 04:1218Fulhamnicky15528
Board Game13 Mar 2015 04:345Arsenalian3610
Board Game13 Mar 2015 04:493Bristol Cityian3617
Board Game13 Mar 2015 04:553Preston North Endade3813
Board Game13 Mar 2015 05:003Huddersfieldian3810
Board Game13 Mar 2015 05:065West Bromwich Albionguy3414
Extended Edition13 Mar 2015 05:198Wycombe Wanderersguy12044
The complete FA Cup13 Mar 2015 05:2910Queen's Park Rangersnicky14659
The complete FA Cup13 Mar 2015 05:4413Charltonnicky15373
The complete FA Cup18 Mar 2015 15:0513Sheffield WednesdayD15431
Board Game18 Mar 2015 15:213ChelseaB385
Board Game4 May 2015 17:2314LiverpoolAba428
Board Game5 May 2015 23:525ChelseaX4111
Board Game5 May 2015 23:594Southendd4214
Board Game6 May 2015 00:046Arsenald3513
Board Game8 May 2015 01:076Arsenalsteve3716
Classic Mode +15 May 2015 22:555King's Lynnd6125
Classic Mode +15 May 2015 23:025Huddersfieldn6323
Board Game5 Jun 2015 05:034West Bromwich Albionsteve357
Board Game5 Jun 2015 05:082Readingian3913
Board Game24 Dec 2015 19:13125BournemouthTest23315
Extended Edition27 Dec 2015 21:3725Leicester CityRebecca11235
Extended Edition31 Dec 2016 22:2023CharltonRebecca10438
Board Game8 Feb 2017 22:466Halifaxdavid4111
Board Game1 Mar 2017 20:569BoltonTony3913
Board Game13 Dec 2017 10:497Leeds UnitedPaul4412
Extended Edition27 Dec 2017 20:3431SouthamptonIain11837
Board Game13 Jan 2018 05:142Stoke City2338
Board Game19 Feb 2018 16:277Leeds UnitedBob3814
The complete FA Cup25 Feb 2018 12:30241West Bromwich AlbionFelic15244
Board Game25 Feb 2018 15:593ColchesterBenjamin3817
Board Game28 Feb 2018 01:005ChelseaLorena4116
The complete FA Cup28 Feb 2018 01:08128Leicester CityLorena14938
Board Game12 Mar 2018 03:524DerbyTom4214
Board Game extended12 Mar 2018 04:014Stoke CityDave8216
Board Game17 Mar 2018 04:065TranmereEddie3916
Board Game extended17 Mar 2018 04:146Arsenalwilko8216
Europe Test5 May 2018 22:252RotherhamJ93
Board Game8 May 2018 08:543SouthendJamie219
Board Game22 Jun 2018 20:443Tottenham HotspurLori3612
The complete FA Cup22 Jun 2018 20:588LiverpoolLori16140
Board Game20 Jul 2018 08:578ChelseaJon3813
The complete FA Cup20 Jul 2018 09:1811Nottingham ForestJon14445
Board Game20 Jul 2018 12:132ReadingJon1710
The complete FA Cup20 Jul 2018 12:1711WorkingtonJon15659
The complete FA Cup22 Jul 2018 10:4014SouthamptonJon15752
The complete FA Cup3 Aug 2018 19:0310Coventry CitySalah15345
Classic - Major European Leagues3 Aug 2018 19:162SouthamptonMessi4012
Europe Test3 Aug 2018 19:200Catania293
Board Game4 Aug 2018 14:212Everton23713
Board Game19 Aug 2018 00:552LiverpoolBarc355
Board Game30 Aug 2018 21:156OxfordSinead4320
Board Game31 Oct 2018 16:263ReadingThomas4218
Board Game11 Dec 2018 06:267Sheffield WednesdayNeil348
Board Game11 Dec 2018 23:594Leeds UnitedNeil4112
Classic Mode +29 Dec 2018 13:2513HuddersfieldBenjamin5622
Extended Edition29 Dec 2018 14:0419BarnsleyMummy10034
Board Game7 Jan 2019 12:125Rochdaleb3915
The complete FA Cup7 Jan 2019 12:2540DerbyD14754
The complete FA Cup7 Jan 2019 14:1086ArsenalW15147
The complete FA Cup7 Jan 2019 15:4929Sheffield UnitedV14738
The complete FA Cup7 Jan 2019 19:1614WolverhamptonV15048
The complete FA Cup8 Jan 2019 10:5021Coventry CityV16043
Board Game8 Jan 2019 11:394PortsmouthJames4015
The complete FA Cup8 Jan 2019 11:44207ArsenalMum15141
The complete FA Cup8 Jan 2019 16:5615EvertonD15439
Classic - Major European Leagues8 Jan 2019 18:333SambenedetteseD3613
The complete FA Cup9 Jan 2019 16:0710CardiffD16230
Board Game1 Feb 2019 14:202LiverpoolJake3912
Board Game1 Feb 2019 14:446Aston VillaGlen437
The complete FA Cup1 Feb 2019 14:5214BurnleyJake15138
Board Game8 Feb 2019 11:333ArsenalMuhsin3910
The complete FA Cup8 Feb 2019 13:516SunderlandJake15836
The complete FA Cup11 Feb 2019 14:2014SunderlandGlen15442
Board Game20 Feb 2019 16:2715SouthendEd3617
Board Game20 Feb 2019 17:426LiverpoolJase367
Board Game21 Feb 2019 14:006CardiffDad389
Board Game21 Feb 2019 22:176WolverhamptonEd399
Board Game11 Mar 2019 02:237TranmereKristy3915
Board Game20 Mar 2019 05:204Lincoln CityRalph4014
The complete FA Cup29 Mar 2019 09:2229Manchester UnitedGlen15558
Board Game6 Apr 2019 09:4212ArsenalJosie222
The complete FA Cup12 Apr 2019 13:2717Southamptondave14937
Board Game12 Apr 2019 13:484Evertonwill368
Board Game12 Apr 2019 15:113Bristol Roversclive4115
The complete FA Cup12 Apr 2019 15:1511Tottenham Hotspurwill15450
The complete FA Cup16 Apr 2019 11:1813Sheffield Unitedclive14533
Board Game16 Apr 2019 12:0010Wolverhamptonderek3912
Board Game5 May 2019 19:276Wolverhamptonemmie3314
Board Game5 May 2019 19:454Portsmouthjim3612
The complete FA Cup17 May 2019 02:3914FulhamBeaumont15955
Board Game17 May 2019 18:336Tottenham HotspurSte4014
Board Game17 May 2019 18:473YorkSte4214
Board Game24 May 2019 21:322Nottingham ForestSimoon4813
Europe Test11 Jul 2019 17:531InternazionaleThomson70
Board Game11 Jul 2019 17:552LiverpoolThomson4113
The complete FA Cup15 Aug 2019 15:0921Manchester UnitedSanderon14945
The complete FA Cup16 Aug 2019 14:3020WrexhamSktitos14558
Board Game3 Sep 2019 22:464Manchester Unitedguy3811
The complete FA Cup3 Sep 2019 22:5314West Bromwich AlbionEddie15537
The complete FA Cup7 Sep 2019 17:0913ArsenalDavid15939
The complete FA Cup8 Sep 2019 20:4019HullDavid15151
Board Game12 Sep 2019 06:062Leeds UnitedIan367
The complete FA Cup12 Sep 2019 06:1110Fulhamguy15442
The complete FA Cup1 Oct 2019 16:3913MillwallSnowey16227
Board Game18 Nov 2019 21:006SouthamptonCalvin3717
Board Game2 Dec 2019 21:110Queen's Park RangersA30
Board Game9 Dec 2019 22:014ShrewsburyBill4416
Board Game26 Dec 2019 13:574DerbyDylan226
Board Game27 Feb 2020 21:492Queen's Park Rangerspeter3214
Board Game18 Mar 2020 10:2116MillwallRobert4112
Board Game21 Mar 2020 14:315BoltonBetty202
Board Game21 Mar 2020 14:406HuddersfieldElise3415
The complete FA Cup21 Mar 2020 14:4812DerbyClaire13751
Classic - Major European Leagues21 Mar 2020 15:012Wuppertaler SV BorussiaMorsac4114
Board Game11 Apr 2020 12:259Bradford CityAdrain3612
Board Game extended11 Apr 2020 12:3712HullPoldrak7928
The complete FA Cup11 Apr 2020 19:2211Crystal PalaceKaldeme14952
The complete FA Cup11 Apr 2020 19:3418NewcastleOiram15942
Board Game12 Apr 2020 20:194Stockporttony4218
Board Game26 Apr 2020 06:564West Bromwich AlbionChris4210
Board Game26 Apr 2020 07:024MillwallTom4315
The complete FA Cup26 Apr 2020 07:0715Preston North EndTom14943
The complete FA Cup15 May 2020 14:56110Manchester Unitedd15531
Europe Test19 May 2020 21:040Manchester UnitedAlex120
Board Game23 May 2020 14:464YorkPhill3517
Board Game13 Jul 2020 06:376Arsenalelly389