Brentford - League 1/2

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
425The complete FA CupHalifax0-3Brentford 1st Roundb
414 LostBoard GameBlackpool2-1Brentford 4th RoundLazio
413 LostBoard GameBrentford2-3Everton Semi-FinalsYes3
413Board GameBlackburn1-2Brentford Quarter-FinalsYes3
413Board GameBirmingham1-4Brentford 5th Round Replay3
413Board GameBrentford1-1Birmingham 5th Round3
413Board GameBrentford4-2Sunderland 4th Round3
409 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere4-3Brentford 1st RoundHazard
408 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford0-1Netherfield 4th Round Replay 2Jon
408The complete FA CupNetherfield0-0Brentford 4th Round ReplayJon
408The complete FA CupBrentford1-1Netherfield 4th RoundJon
408The complete FA CupBrentford1-0Bolton 3rd RoundJon
408The complete FA CupBrentford3-1Luton Town 2nd Round ReplayJon
408The complete FA CupLuton Town2-2Brentford 2nd RoundJon
408The complete FA CupBrentford3-2Brighton 1st RoundJon
407 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford1-5Workington 3rd RoundJon
407The complete FA CupBrentford3-1Peterborough 2nd Round ReplayJon
407The complete FA CupPeterborough4-4Brentford 2nd RoundJon
407The complete FA CupWrexham0-4Brentford 1st RoundJon
395 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford2-3Enfield 1st RoundJon
388 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford0-3Rochdale 2nd Round Replay 2Lori
388The complete FA CupRochdale3-3Brentford 2nd Round ReplayLori
388The complete FA CupBrentford2-2Rochdale 2nd RoundLori
388The complete FA CupBrentford3-1Corinthian-Casuals 1st Round Replay 3Lori
388The complete FA CupCorinthian-Casuals2-2Brentford 1st Round Replay 2Lori
388The complete FA CupBrentford3-3Corinthian-Casuals 1st Round ReplayLori
388The complete FA CupCorinthian-Casuals1-1Brentford 1st RoundLori
368 LostBoard Game extendedChester4-0Brentford 4th Roundguy
368Board Game extendedReading0-1Brentford 3rd Roundguy
365 LostBoard Game extendedBrentford0-4Gillingham 4th Rounddick
365Board Game extendedPreston North End3-5Brentford 3rd Rounddick
353 LostThe complete FA CupBarking4-1Brentford 1st RoundLily
350 LostThe complete FA CupPortsmouth1-0Brentford 4th Round ReplayNigel
350The complete FA CupBrentford1-1Portsmouth 4th RoundNigel
350The complete FA CupBrentford5-4Sunderland 3rd RoundNigel
350The complete FA CupAldershot1-3Brentford 2nd Round ReplayNigel
350The complete FA CupBrentford1-1Aldershot 2nd RoundNigel
350The complete FA CupBrentford3-1Brighton 1st RoundNigel
340 LostBoard GameNewport County4-0Brentford Quarter-Finals3
340Board GameBrentford4-1Stockport 5th Round Replay3
340Board GameStockport1-1Brentford 5th Round3
340Board GameQueen's Park Rangers2-5Brentford 4th Round3
339 LostExtended EditionPeterborough1-0Brentford 4th RoundIain
339Extended EditionColchester3-4Brentford 3rd RoundIain
339Extended EditionForest Green1-3Brentford 2nd RoundIain
337 LostBoard GameSouthport5-0Brentford 4th RoundMick
336 LostBoard GameStoke City5-0Brentford 5th RoundPe
336Board GameBrentford1-0Watford 4th Round Replay 2Pe
336Board GameWatford1-1Brentford 4th Round ReplayPe
336Board GameBrentford0-0Watford 4th RoundPe
307 LostExtended EditionBrentford1-2Ipswich 4th Round Replay 2Iain
307Extended EditionIpswich4-4Brentford 4th Round ReplayIain
307Extended EditionBrentford1-1Ipswich 4th RoundIain
307Extended EditionBrentford1-0Kingstonian 3rd RoundIain
307Extended EditionBrentford3-0Nuneaton Borough 2nd RoundIain
224 LostBoard GameRotherham2-1Brentford 5th RoundMam
191The complete FA CupBrentford3-0Tranmere 2nd RoundSam
191The complete FA CupBrentford3-0Rochdale 1st RoundSam
178Board Game extendedBirmingham3-5Brentford 3rd Roundren
167 LostThe complete FA CupChester1-0Brentford 1st RoundC
166 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford0-2Port Vale 3rd Roundian
166The complete FA CupBrentford3-2Hereford 2nd Round Replay 2ian
166The complete FA CupHereford2-2Brentford 2nd Round Replayian
166The complete FA CupBrentford3-3Hereford 2nd Roundian
166The complete FA CupBrentford2-1Wrexham 1st Roundian
164 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford0-3Leeds United 3rd Roundguy
164The complete FA CupBristol Rovers3-4Brentford 2nd Roundguy
164The complete FA CupWalthamstow Avenue0-3Brentford 1st Round Replay 2guy
164The complete FA CupBrentford3-3Walthamstow Avenue 1st Round Replayguy
164The complete FA CupWalthamstow Avenue0-0Brentford 1st Roundguy
146 LostThe complete FA CupWest Ham3-0Brentford 4th Round ReplayEddie
146The complete FA CupBrentford0-0West Ham 4th RoundEddie
146The complete FA CupBrentford5-3Sheffield Wednesday 3rd RoundEddie
146The complete FA CupBrentford4-1Cheltenham Town 2nd RoundEddie
146The complete FA CupOldham1-3Brentford 1st RoundEddie
138 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford2-3Oxford 1st Round ReplayGary
138The complete FA CupOxford1-1Brentford 1st RoundGary
137 LostBoard Game extendedBrentford0-4Barnsley 3rd RoundH
131 LostBoard GameBrentford0-5Coventry City Quarter-FinalsDan
131Board GameBrentford5-0Colchester 5th RoundDan
131Board GameHuddersfield0-1Brentford 4th RoundDan
128 LostThe complete FA CupChester4-2Brentford 1st RoundScott
125 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford2-3Barking 1st RoundGethin
124 LostThe complete FA CupPeterborough2-0Brentford 2nd RoundDad
124The complete FA CupTranmere1-4Brentford 1st RoundDad
120 LostExtended EditionGateshead4-0Brentford 2nd RoundIain
114 LostBoard Game extendedBrentford0-2Chelsea 4th RoundDave
114Board Game extendedBrentford4-0Scunthorpe 3rd RoundDave
110 LostBoard GameBrentford0-3Portsmouth 4th RoundMommy
82 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford2-3Sutton United 2nd Round ReplayItaly
82The complete FA CupSutton United3-3Brentford 2nd RoundItaly
82The complete FA CupBrentford2-1Northampton 1st RoundItaly
80 LostBoard GameNottingham Forest3-0Brentford 5th Roundluke
80Board GameGrimsby1-4Brentford 4th Roundluke
78 LostExtended EditionBrentford0-2Bristol City 4th RoundJames
78Extended EditionStourbridge 1-3Brentford 3rd RoundJames
78Extended EditionBrentford1-0Hartlepool 2nd RoundJames
76 LostBoard GameNewcastle4-0Brentford 4th RoundIain
75 LostExtended EditionClapton1-0Brentford 2nd RoundBenjamin
74Classic Mode +Charlton2-6Brentford FinalYesIain
74Classic Mode +Wolverhampton0-5Brentford Semi-FinalsYesIain
74Classic Mode +Norwich4-5Brentford Quarter-Finals ReplayYesIain
74Classic Mode +Brentford1-1Norwich Quarter-FinalsYesIain
74Classic Mode +Brentford5-3Newcastle 5th RoundYesIain
74Classic Mode +Brentford1-0Derby 4th RoundIain
74Classic Mode +Brentford3-1Northwich Victoria 3rd RoundIain
73 LostBoard GameGillingham1-0Brentford 4th Roundpoo
72 LostExtended EditionBristol Rovers3-0Brentford 3rd RoundBenjamin
72Extended EditionLeyton Orient0-4Brentford 2nd RoundBenjamin
69 LostExtended EditionBrentford1-2Romford 4th Round ReplayYesRebecca
69Extended EditionRomford1-1Brentford 4th RoundYesRebecca
69Extended EditionAldershot1-2Brentford 3rd RoundRebecca
69Extended EditionBrentford4-0Netherfield 2nd RoundRebecca
60 LostBoard Game extendedGrimsby1-0Brentford 3rd RoundBenjamin
59 LostClassic Mode +Brentford1-3Liverpool 5th RoundRebecca
59Classic Mode +Oldham0-4Brentford 4th RoundRebecca
59Classic Mode +Brentford2-0Notts County 3rd RoundRebecca
56 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford0-2Exeter 1st RoundRebecca
46 LostExtended EditionBrentford0-1Bristol Rovers 4th RoundIain
46Extended EditionCardiff1-3Brentford 3rd RoundIain
46Extended EditionBrentford2-0Bradford City 2nd Round ReplayIain
46Extended EditionBradford City0-0Brentford 2nd RoundIain
45 LostClassic Mode +Brentford1-4Emley 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
45Classic Mode +Emley1-1Brentford 4th RoundBenjamin
45Classic Mode +Halifax1-4Brentford 3rd RoundBenjamin
44 LostBoard Game extendedFulham3-0Brentford 3rd RoundAnn
43 LostExtended EditionMargate4-3Brentford 2nd Round ReplayIain
43Extended EditionBrentford3-3Margate 2nd RoundIain
42 LostExtended EditionCardiff3-0Brentford 3rd RoundBenjamin
42Extended EditionBrentford3-0Tranmere 2nd RoundBenjamin
41 LostExtended EditionBrentford0-6Billingham Synthonia 2nd RoundRebecca
35 LostExtended EditionBrentford1-2Aston Villa 3rd RoundBenjamin
35Extended EditionBrentford1-0Goole Town 2nd RoundBenjamin
33 LostBoard Game extendedBirmingham4-0Brentford 3rd Round Replay 2Matt
33Board Game extendedBrentford1-1Birmingham 3rd Round ReplayMatt
33Board Game extendedBirmingham1-1Brentford 3rd RoundMatt
30 LostExtended EditionBrentford1-5Bromley 2nd RoundTerence
29 LostBoard GameSwansea Town6-2Brentford 5th RoundYesRebecca
29Board GameSheffield Wednesday3-5Brentford 4th Round ReplayYesRebecca
29Board GameBrentford2-2Sheffield Wednesday 4th RoundYesRebecca
28 LostExtended EditionBrentford0-1Luton Town 2nd RoundMourinho
26 LostExtended EditionBrentford0-1Bradford City 3rd RoundBenjamin
26Extended EditionWigan Athletic0-4Brentford 2nd RoundBenjamin
25 LostBoard Game extendedBrentford1-3Cardiff 4th RoundYesMatt
25Board Game extendedBrentford1-0West Bromwich Albion 3rd RoundMatt
24 LostBoard GameBury5-0Brentford 4th RoundWerence
23 LostBoard Game extendedBrentford0-1Derby 5th RoundBenjamin
23Board Game extendedBrentford1-0Walsall 4th RoundBenjamin
23Board Game extendedBrentford1-0Watford 3rd RoundBenjamin
20 LostExtended EditionNotts County3-1Brentford 2nd RoundBenjamin
19 LostBoard Game extendedGrimsby1-0Brentford 3rd RoundRebecca
15 LostExtended EditionDarlington3-2Brentford 2nd RoundRebecca
3 LostBoard Game extendedBrentford0-4Colchester 3rd Round Replay 3Ann
3Board Game extendedColchester1-1Brentford 3rd Round Replay 2Ann