Chester - League 1/2

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
425 LostThe complete FA CupNotts County2-0Chester 1st Roundb
409 LostThe complete FA CupMerthyr Tydfil1-0Chester 1st Round ReplaySalah
409The complete FA CupChester4-4Merthyr Tydfil 1st RoundSalah
408 LostThe complete FA CupYork3-2Chester 1st RoundJon
407 LostThe complete FA CupChester1-4Barnet 1st Round ReplayJon
407The complete FA CupBarnet0-0Chester 1st RoundJon
395 LostThe complete FA CupNorthampton4-2Chester 2nd RoundJon
395The complete FA CupChester3-0Reading 1st RoundJon
388 LostThe complete FA CupHartlepool4-2Chester 1st Round ReplayClive
388The complete FA CupChester3-3Hartlepool 1st RoundClive
368 LostBoard Game extendedChester2-4Arsenal FinalYesEddie
368Board Game extendedEverton4-6Chester Semi-FinalsYesEddie
368Board Game extendedChester2-1Southampton Quarter-Finals ReplayYesEddie
368Board Game extendedSouthampton2-2Chester Quarter-FinalsYesEddie
368Board Game extendedChester2-1West Bromwich Albion 5th RoundYesEddie
368Board Game extendedChester4-0Brentford 4th RoundEddie
368Board Game extendedStoke City3-4Chester 3rd RoundEddie
353 LostThe complete FA CupManchester City3-2Chester 4th RoundBlake
353The complete FA CupChester5-2Middlesbrough 3rd RoundBlake
353The complete FA CupWatford3-4Chester 2nd RoundYesBlake
353The complete FA CupChester3-1Crewe Alexandra 1st Round ReplayYesBlake
353The complete FA CupCrewe Alexandra3-3Chester 1st RoundYesBlake
351 LostBoard GameChester0-4Notts County 4th RoundBenjamin
350 LostThe complete FA CupChester0-4West Bromwich Albion FinalJoan
350The complete FA CupChester4-2Middlesbrough Semi Finals ReplayJoan
350The complete FA CupMiddlesbrough0-0Chester Semi FinalsJoan
350The complete FA CupChester5-1Millwall Quarter FinalsJoan
350The complete FA CupWest Ham3-4Chester 5th RoundJoan
350The complete FA CupNotts County0-5Chester 4th RoundJoan
350The complete FA CupChester5-2Morecambe 3rd Round ReplayJoan
350The complete FA CupMorecambe1-1Chester 3rd RoundJoan
350The complete FA CupDarlington1-3Chester 2nd RoundJoan
350The complete FA CupChester3-0Gillingham 1st RoundJoan
319 LostBoard GameChester0-3West Bromwich Albion 4th RoundCD
307 LostExtended EditionHillingdon Borough4-3Chester 3rd RoundBenjamin
307Extended EditionChester3-1Stourbridge 2nd RoundBenjamin
303 LostBoard GameChester1-3Newcastle 4th RoundAndrew
250 LostBoard Game extendedBurnley4-0Chester 3rd RoundD
204 LostExtended EditionChester2-4Rhyl 2nd RoundBenjamin
203 LostBoard GameLuton Town5-0Chester 5th RoundTest2
203Board GameChester5-1Peterborough 4th RoundTest2
200Board GameChester5-4Birmingham 4th RoundIain
191 LostThe complete FA CupChester1-3Reading 1st Round Replay 2SamC
191The complete FA CupReading3-3Chester 1st Round ReplaySamC
191The complete FA CupChester3-3Reading 1st RoundSamC
190 LostClassic Mode +Huddersfield1-0Chester Quarter-Finals Replayn
190Classic Mode +Chester4-4Huddersfield Quarter-Finalsn
190Classic Mode +Lincoln City1-4Chester 5th Round Replayn
190Classic Mode +Chester1-1Lincoln City 5th Roundn
190Classic Mode +Chester5-1Stoke City 4th Roundn
190Classic Mode +Chester1-0Bristol Rovers 3rd Roundn
178 LostBoard Game extendedPlymouth Argyle3-0Chester 3rd Roundren
175The complete FA CupNotts County3-4Chester 1st Round Replayren
175The complete FA CupChester3-3Notts County 1st Roundren
167 LostThe complete FA CupChester2-3Shrewsbury 2nd Round ReplayA
167The complete FA CupShrewsbury3-3Chester 2nd RoundA
167The complete FA CupChester1-0Brentford 1st RoundA
166 LostThe complete FA CupChester1-4Nuneaton Borough 3rd Round Replay 2steve
166The complete FA CupNuneaton Borough4-4Chester 3rd Round Replaysteve
166The complete FA CupChester0-0Nuneaton Borough 3rd Roundsteve
166The complete FA CupChester2-1Walthamstow Avenue 2nd Roundsteve
166The complete FA CupChester4-1Scunthorpe 1st Roundsteve
164 LostThe complete FA CupNetherfield4-2Chester 1st Roundian
146 LostThe complete FA CupChester0-3Southampton 3rd Rounddave
146The complete FA CupTooting & Mitcham0-2Chester 2nd Rounddave
146The complete FA CupStockport0-2Chester 1st Rounddave
138 LostThe complete FA CupKettering Town4-0Chester 1st RoundJel
137 LostBoard Game extendedChester1-4Leicester City 3rd RoundJake
133 LostBoard GameBrighton1-0Chester 4th Round Replay 2H
133Board GameChester1-1Brighton 4th Round ReplayH
133Board GameBrighton1-1Chester 4th RoundH
129 LostClassic - Major European LeaguesSport Club Concordia von 19074-1Chester 4th RoundScott
128The complete FA CupChester4-2Brentford 1st RoundEvie
127 LostBoard GameExeter1-0Chester 4th RoundEvie
125 LostThe complete FA CupExeter4-0Chester 2nd Round ReplayBenjamin
125The complete FA CupChester2-2Exeter 2nd RoundBenjamin
125The complete FA CupChester4-3Barrow 1st RoundBenjamin
124 LostThe complete FA CupWorkington4-0Chester 3rd Round ReplayDad
124The complete FA CupChester1-1Workington 3rd RoundDad
124The complete FA CupAldershot0-4Chester 2nd RoundDad
124The complete FA CupChester2-1Brighton 1st Round ReplayDad
124The complete FA CupBrighton3-3Chester 1st RoundDad
117 LostBoard GameChester0-1Newport County 5th Rounderic
117Board GameChester1-0Swansea Town 4th Round Replay 4eric
117Board GameSwansea Town1-1Chester 4th Round Replay 3eric
117Board GameChester1-1Swansea Town 4th Round Replay 2eric
117Board GameSwansea Town1-1Chester 4th Round Replayeric
117Board GameChester0-0Swansea Town 4th Rounderic
95 LostBoard GameCrystal Palace4-1Chester 4th RoundJake
86 LostExtended EditionChester2-3Grimsby 2nd RoundBenjamiiiiiin
83 LostBoard GameChester0-3Portsmouth 4th Roundisaac
82 LostThe complete FA CupChester0-1Kettering Town 2nd Round ReplayEngland
82The complete FA CupKettering Town0-0Chester 2nd RoundEngland
82The complete FA CupPeterborough3-4Chester 1st Round ReplayEngland
82The complete FA CupChester3-3Peterborough 1st RoundEngland
78 LostExtended EditionChester0-2Evenwood Town 2nd RoundJames
72 LostExtended EditionChester0-4Kingstonian 3rd RoundAnn
72Extended EditionChester3-1Enfield 2nd RoundAnn
69 LostExtended EditionChester0-3Rotherham 3rd RoundBenjamin
69Extended EditionWitney Town0-4Chester 2nd RoundBenjamin
63Classic Mode +Chester1-0Crystal Palace 4th RoundBenjamin
60 LostBoard Game extendedChester1-3Millwall 3rd RoundIain
56 LostThe complete FA CupNorwich1-0Chester 5th RoundBenjamin
56The complete FA CupChester5-4Swansea Town 4th RoundBenjamin
56The complete FA CupChester1-0Arsenal 3rd RoundBenjamin
56The complete FA CupChester4-1Wrexham 2nd RoundBenjamin
56The complete FA CupNuneaton Borough1-4Chester 1st Round ReplayBenjamin
56The complete FA CupChester3-3Nuneaton Borough 1st RoundBenjamin
52 LostClassic Mode +Chester2-3Gateshead 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
52Classic Mode +Gateshead0-0Chester 3rd RoundBenjamin
47 LostBoard GameChester0-2Manchester United 4th RoundChris
46 LostExtended EditionChester1-3Grimsby 2nd RoundBenjamin
43 LostExtended EditionChester1-2Tottenham Hotspur 5th RoundIain
43Extended EditionChester5-2Coventry City 4th RoundIain
43Extended EditionColchester2-4Chester 3rd RoundIain
43Extended EditionGoole Town0-3Chester 2nd RoundIain
35 LostExtended EditionChester1-3Poole Town 2nd RoundIain
33 LostBoard Game extendedChester0-5Swindon Town 4th RoundBenjamin
33Board Game extendedCarlisle0-1Chester 3rd RoundBenjamin
32 LostBoard Game extendedNewport County4-1Chester 3rd Round ReplayPhil
32Board Game extendedChester0-0Newport County 3rd RoundPhil
31 LostExtended EditionHuddersfield4-1Chester 3rd RoundIain
31Extended EditionFleetwood1-4Chester 2nd Round Replay 2Iain
31Extended EditionChester4-4Fleetwood 2nd Round ReplayIain
31Extended EditionFleetwood4-4Chester 2nd RoundIain
29 LostBoard GameChester0-4Carlisle Quarter-FinalsBenjamin
29Board GameSheffield United1-4Chester 5th RoundBenjamin
29Board GameWrexham0-1Chester 4th RoundBenjamin
28 LostExtended EditionPortsmouth3-2Chester 3rd RoundMourinho
28Extended EditionChelmsford City1-2Chester 2nd RoundMourinho
26 LostExtended EditionRossendale4-1Chester 2nd RoundMatt
24 LostBoard GameSheffield United4-1Chester 4th RoundTerence
23 LostBoard Game extendedChesterfield6-4Chester 4th RoundBenjamin
23Board Game extendedOxford0-1Chester 3rd RoundBenjamin
19 LostBoard Game extendedOldham5-1Chester 3rd Round Replay 2Rebecca
19Board Game extendedChester4-4Oldham 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
19Board Game extendedOldham4-4Chester 3rd RoundRebecca
16 LostBoard GameCarlisle3-0Chester 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
16Board GameChester1-1Carlisle 4th RoundBenjamin
15 LostExtended EditionWest Bromwich Albion4-0Chester Quarter-FinalsJonny
15Extended EditionQueen's Park Rangers1-5Chester 5th Round ReplayJonny
15Extended EditionChester1-1Queen's Park Rangers 5th RoundJonny
15Extended EditionChester4-2King's Lynn 4th RoundJonny
15Extended EditionChester2-1Brighton 3rd RoundJonny
15Extended EditionOxford0-1Chester 2nd Round ReplayJonny
15Extended EditionChester4-4Oxford 2nd RoundJonny
11 LostBoard GameChester1-4Hartlepool 4th Round Replay 5Rebecca
11Board GameHartlepool1-1Chester 4th Round Replay 4Rebecca
11Board GameChester1-1Hartlepool 4th Round Replay 3Rebecca
11Board GameHartlepool0-0Chester 4th Round Replay 2Rebecca
11Board GameChester0-0Hartlepool 4th Round ReplayRebecca
11Board GameHartlepool0-0Chester 4th RoundRebecca
3 LostBoard Game extendedQueen's Park Rangers3-1Chester 4th RoundRebecca
3Board Game extendedDoncaster Rovers1-5Chester 3rd RoundRebecca
1 LostBoard GameExeter4-0Chester 4th Round ReplayRebecca
1Board GameChester0-0Exeter 4th RoundRebecca