Bangor City - Conference

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
425 LostThe complete FA CupWrexham4-1Bangor City 1st Roundd
409 LostThe complete FA CupSwansea Town4-3Bangor City 1st Round ReplayBruyne
409The complete FA CupBangor City1-1Swansea Town 1st RoundBruyne
408 LostThe complete FA CupChelsea3-1Bangor City 4th Round ReplayJon
408The complete FA CupBangor City0-0Chelsea 4th RoundJon
408The complete FA CupBangor City3-0Leeds United 3rd RoundJon
408The complete FA CupPort Vale0-1Bangor City 2nd RoundJon
408The complete FA CupBangor City2-0Lancaster City 1st RoundJon
388 LostThe complete FA CupPlymouth Argyle3-0Bangor City 3rd RoundClive
388The complete FA CupBangor City4-0Fleetwood 2nd RoundClive
388The complete FA CupBangor City2-1Reading 1st RoundClive
353 LostThe complete FA CupBangor City0-2Leicester City 3rd RoundPa
353The complete FA CupLockheed Leamington0-1Bangor City 2nd RoundPa
353The complete FA CupBangor City4-3Chesterfield 1st RoundPa
339 LostExtended EditionBangor City0-4Darlington 2nd Round ReplayIain
339Extended EditionDarlington4-4Bangor City 2nd RoundIain
167 LostThe complete FA CupBangor City1-3Tottenham Hotspur 5th RoundF
167The complete FA CupDarlington1-2Bangor City 4th RoundF
167The complete FA CupBangor City4-1West Bromwich Albion 3rd Round ReplayF
167The complete FA CupWest Bromwich Albion0-0Bangor City 3rd RoundF
167The complete FA CupOldham1-2Bangor City 2nd RoundF
167The complete FA CupBangor City4-1Romford 1st RoundF
159 LostExtended EditionBangor City2-4Crook Town 2nd Round Replayguy
159Extended EditionCrook Town1-1Bangor City 2nd Roundguy
146 LostThe complete FA CupBangor City0-3Hartlepool 1st RoundEddie
138 LostThe complete FA CupBangor City1-5Didcot Town 1st Round ReplayJel
138The complete FA CupDidcot Town1-1Bangor City 1st RoundJel
125 LostThe complete FA CupPort Vale4-1Bangor City 2nd RoundGethin
125The complete FA CupBangor City2-0Waterlooville 1st RoundGethin
124 LostThe complete FA CupBradford City4-3Bangor City 1st RoundSally
120 LostExtended EditionBangor City1-3Hartlepool 2nd RoundIain
86 LostExtended EditionLincoln City4-3Bangor City 2nd RoundIsaaaaaac
78 LostExtended EditionCheltenham Town4-3Bangor City 2nd RoundRebecca
75 LostExtended EditionWorkington5-1Bangor City Semi-Finals Replay 2Rebecca
75Extended EditionBangor City1-1Workington Semi-Finals ReplayRebecca
75Extended EditionWorkington1-1Bangor City Semi-FinalsRebecca
75Extended EditionBangor City2-1Rotherham Quarter-FinalsRebecca
75Extended EditionMillwall1-4Bangor City 5th Round ReplayRebecca
75Extended EditionBangor City0-0Millwall 5th RoundRebecca
75Extended EditionStockport0-2Bangor City 4th RoundRebecca
75Extended EditionBangor City5-0Forest Green 3rd Round Replay 2Rebecca
75Extended EditionForest Green0-0Bangor City 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
75Extended EditionBangor City0-0Forest Green 3rd RoundRebecca
75Extended EditionSouthend0-1Bangor City 2nd RoundRebecca
72 LostExtended EditionBangor City2-4Banbury 2nd Round ReplayAnn
72Extended EditionBanbury1-1Bangor City 2nd RoundAnn
63 LostClassic Mode +Bangor City0-1Huddersfield 4th RoundBenjamin
59 LostClassic Mode +Bangor City1-3Nuneaton Borough 3rd RoundRebecca
56 LostThe complete FA CupMargate3-1Bangor City 1st RoundBenjamin
45 LostClassic Mode +Bangor City1-6Emley 3rd RoundRebecca
31 LostExtended EditionBangor City1-3Aldershot 2nd RoundRebecca
30 LostExtended EditionBristol Rovers2-1Bangor City 2nd RoundTerence
28 LostExtended EditionOldham4-1Bangor City 4th RoundYesWenger
28Extended EditionBangor City2-0York 3rd Round ReplayYesWenger
28Extended EditionYork2-2Bangor City 3rd RoundYesWenger
28Extended EditionBangor City5-4Wrexham 2nd RoundYesWenger
26 LostExtended EditionBangor City2-5Walsall 4th RoundYesBenjamin
26Extended EditionTonbridge Angels2-6Bangor City 3rd Round Replay 2YesBenjamin
26Extended EditionBangor City1-1Tonbridge Angels 3rd Round ReplayYesBenjamin
26Extended EditionTonbridge Angels2-2Bangor City 3rd RoundYesBenjamin
26Extended EditionBangor City1-0Horwich RMI 2nd RoundBenjamin
20 LostExtended EditionManchester United3-2Bangor City 5th RoundYesRebecca
20Extended EditionAldershot4-5Bangor City 4th RoundYesRebecca
20Extended EditionOxford City1-4Bangor City 3rd RoundRebecca
20Extended EditionSwindon Town2-4Bangor City 2nd Round ReplayRebecca
20Extended EditionBangor City1-1Swindon Town 2nd RoundRebecca
15 LostExtended EditionBolton1-0Bangor City 5th RoundRebecca
15Extended EditionOldham0-2Bangor City 4th RoundRebecca
15Extended EditionBangor City5-3Rochdale 3rd RoundRebecca
15Extended EditionBangor City2-0Barking 2nd RoundRebecca