Ipswich - The Championship

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
414 LostBoard GameStoke City3-0Ipswich 4th RoundLazio
409 LostThe complete FA CupMillwall4-1Ipswich 3rd RoundKane
408 LostThe complete FA CupIpswich3-4Southampton 4th Round ReplayJon
408The complete FA CupSouthampton0-0Ipswich 4th RoundJon
408The complete FA CupIpswich4-0Mansfield 3rd RoundJon
407 LostThe complete FA CupIpswich0-1Norwich 3rd RoundJon
395 LostThe complete FA CupStoke City2-1Ipswich 3rd RoundJon
388 LostThe complete FA CupSheffield United3-2Ipswich 5th RoundLori
388The complete FA CupIpswich3-1Birmingham 4th RoundLori
388The complete FA CupIpswich3-0Norwich 3rd RoundLori
368 LostBoard Game extendedIpswich2-4Sunderland 5th Roundgriff
368Board Game extendedPlymouth Argyle2-3Ipswich 4th Roundgriff
368Board Game extendedSwindon Town0-3Ipswich 3rd Round Replaygriff
368Board Game extendedIpswich1-1Swindon Town 3rd Roundgriff
367 LostBoard GameIpswich1-2Colchester 5th RoundYeswilko
367Board GameGillingham0-4Ipswich 4th RoundYeswilko
365 LostBoard Game extendedWrexham4-3Ipswich 5th Round Replay 2Dave
365Board Game extendedIpswich1-1Wrexham 5th Round ReplayDave
365Board Game extendedWrexham0-0Ipswich 5th RoundDave
365Board Game extendedIpswich4-3Burnley 4th RoundDave
365Board Game extendedBarnsley0-1Ipswich 3rd RoundDave
355 LostBoard GameSwindon Town5-1Ipswich Quarter-Finals ReplayDan
355Board GameIpswich0-0Swindon Town Quarter-FinalsDan
355Board GameIpswich2-1Plymouth Argyle 5th Round ReplayDan
355Board GamePlymouth Argyle1-1Ipswich 5th RoundDan
355Board GameIpswich1-0Everton 4th RoundDan
353 LostThe complete FA CupIpswich3-4Manchester City Quarter Finals ReplayPa
353The complete FA CupManchester City2-2Ipswich Quarter FinalsPa
353The complete FA CupIpswich3-1Bradford Park Avenue 5th RoundPa
353The complete FA CupBirmingham0-1Ipswich 4th Round ReplayPa
353The complete FA CupIpswich0-0Birmingham 4th RoundPa
353The complete FA CupIpswich2-1Everton 3rd RoundPa
351 LostBoard GameIpswich2-3West Bromwich Albion 4th RoundJames
350 LostThe complete FA CupCoventry City2-0Ipswich 3rd RoundDolly
339 LostExtended EditionNuneaton Borough4-1Ipswich 4th RoundRebecca
339Extended EditionBarrow1-4Ipswich 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
339Extended EditionIpswich0-0Barrow 3rd RoundRebecca
336 LostBoard GameIpswich4-5Peterborough 5th RoundPe
336Board GameIpswich1-0Gillingham 4th Round Replay 2Pe
336Board GameGillingham1-1Ipswich 4th Round ReplayPe
336Board GameIpswich1-1Gillingham 4th RoundPe
307 LostExtended EditionNewcastle2-0Ipswich 5th RoundBenjamin
307Extended EditionBrentford1-2Ipswich 4th Round Replay 2Benjamin
307Extended EditionIpswich4-4Brentford 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
307Extended EditionBrentford1-1Ipswich 4th RoundBenjamin
307Extended EditionIpswich3-1Colchester 3rd RoundBenjamin
228Board GameTottenham Hotspur1-4Ipswich 4th Round Replay 2Bob
228Board GameIpswich4-4Tottenham Hotspur 4th Round ReplayBob
228Board GameTottenham Hotspur3-3Ipswich 4th RoundBob
204 LostExtended EditionWolverhampton4-3Ipswich Semi-FinalsRebecca
204Extended EditionSwansea Town0-1Ipswich Quarter-FinalsRebecca
204Extended EditionIpswich3-1Blackburn 5th RoundRebecca
204Extended EditionCoventry City0-4Ipswich 4th RoundRebecca
204Extended EditionNewport County0-2Ipswich 3rd RoundRebecca
191The complete FA CupIpswich3-2Didcot Town 3rd Round ReplayNaomi
191The complete FA CupDidcot Town1-1Ipswich 3rd RoundNaomi
178Board Game extendedManchester United0-1Ipswich 3rd Roundren
167 LostThe complete FA CupWatford1-0Ipswich 3rd Round Replay 2C
167The complete FA CupIpswich0-0Watford 3rd Round ReplayC
167The complete FA CupWatford1-1Ipswich 3rd RoundC
166 LostThe complete FA CupIpswich0-1Arsenal 3rd Roundguy
164 LostThe complete FA CupHull2-0Ipswich 4th Round Replaynicky
164The complete FA CupIpswich0-0Hull 4th Roundnicky
164The complete FA CupIpswich1-0Notts County 3rd Roundnicky
159 LostExtended EditionIpswich1-2Huddersfield 3rd Roundsteve
146 LostThe complete FA CupBlackburn4-3Ipswich 3rd Roundnicky
141 LostBoard GameSouthampton4-2Ipswich 5th Round Replayjt
141Board GameIpswich2-2Southampton 5th Roundjt
141Board GameEverton0-3Ipswich 4th Roundjt
138 LostThe complete FA CupBournemouth5-2Ipswich 3rd Round ReplayPD
138The complete FA CupIpswich1-1Bournemouth 3rd RoundPD
132Board GameIpswich2-1Preston North End 4th Round Replay 2Becky
132Board GamePreston North End1-1Ipswich 4th Round ReplayBecky
132Board GameIpswich2-2Preston North End 4th RoundBecky
127 LostBoard GameColchester5-1Ipswich Quarter-Finals ReplayScott
127Board GameIpswich1-1Colchester Quarter-FinalsScott
127Board GameTorquay0-2Ipswich 5th Round ReplayScott
127Board GameIpswich1-1Torquay 5th RoundScott
127Board GameIpswich4-0Oldham 4th RoundScott
125 LostThe complete FA CupIpswich0-3Sheffield Wednesday 3rd Round ReplayGethin
125The complete FA CupSheffield Wednesday3-3Ipswich 3rd RoundGethin
124 LostThe complete FA CupChelsea4-1Ipswich 3rd Round ReplayChris
124The complete FA CupIpswich1-1Chelsea 3rd RoundChris
119 LostBoard GameWolverhampton3-2Ipswich 4th Roundmorgo
117 LostBoard GameExeter5-0Ipswich Quarter-Finalsmark
117Board GameWatford1-2Ipswich 5th Round Replaymark
117Board GameIpswich1-1Watford 5th Roundmark
117Board GameHartlepool1-2Ipswich 4th Roundmark
110 LostBoard GameSouthampton2-0Ipswich 5th RoundCaroline
110Board GameHull0-1Ipswich 4th RoundCaroline
86 LostExtended EditionWolverhampton3-1Ipswich 4th RoundBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionGrimsby1-4Ipswich 3rd RoundBenjamiiiiiin
85 LostClassic - Major European LeaguesWacker 04 Berlin3-2Ipswich 4th RoundBenjamiiiiiin
82 LostThe complete FA CupIpswich0-1Rotherham 3rd Round Replay 2Argentina
82The complete FA CupRotherham1-1Ipswich 3rd Round ReplayArgentina
82The complete FA CupIpswich2-2Rotherham 3rd RoundArgentina
79 LostBoard GameIpswich1-5Swansea Town 4th RoundBrad
78 LostExtended EditionIpswich0-4Norwich 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
78Extended EditionNorwich2-2Ipswich 3rd RoundBenjamin
75 LostExtended EditionIpswich1-2Mansfield 3rd RoundRebecca
73 LostBoard GameYork1-0Ipswich 5th Roundisaac
73Board GameGrimsby0-4Ipswich 4th Roundisaac
72 LostExtended EditionBrighton5-2Ipswich 4th RoundIain
72Extended EditionPlymouth Argyle2-4Ipswich 3rd RoundIain
69 LostExtended EditionExeter4-3Ipswich 3rd Round Replay 3Benjamin
69Extended EditionIpswich0-0Exeter 3rd Round Replay 2Benjamin
69Extended EditionExeter0-0Ipswich 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
69Extended EditionIpswich3-3Exeter 3rd RoundBenjamin
67 LostBoard GameIpswich0-5Exeter 5th Round Replaynumpty
67Board GameExeter1-1Ipswich 5th Roundnumpty
67Board GameIpswich2-1Walsall 4th Roundnumpty
66 LostBoard GameIpswich4-5Colchester 4th Round Replayunclechris
66Board GameColchester1-1Ipswich 4th Roundunclechris
64 LostBoard GameIpswich3-4Blackpool 4th RoundBenjamin
63Classic Mode +Barnet0-1Ipswich 4th RoundRebecca
61 LostBoard GameIpswich1-4Bury 4th RoundRyan
56 LostThe complete FA CupCarlisle4-1Ipswich 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
56The complete FA CupIpswich0-0Carlisle 3rd RoundRebecca
54 LostBoard GameDarlington4-1Ipswich Semi-Finals ReplayRebecca
54Board GameIpswich1-1Darlington Semi-FinalsRebecca
54Board GameGrimsby0-2Ipswich Quarter-FinalsRebecca
54Board GameCrystal Palace1-3Ipswich 5th RoundRebecca
54Board GameCarlisle0-1Ipswich 4th Round ReplayRebecca
54Board GameIpswich4-4Carlisle 4th RoundRebecca
53 LostClassic - Major European LeaguesIpswich1-3Bayern München 5th RoundBenjamin
53Classic - Major European LeaguesManchester United3-4Ipswich 4th RoundBenjamin
47 LostBoard GameRotherham1-0Ipswich 4th Round ReplayRebecca
47Board GameIpswich1-1Rotherham 4th RoundRebecca
46 LostExtended EditionWycombe Wanderers4-1Ipswich 4th RoundIain
46Extended EditionIpswich1-0Birmingham 3rd RoundIain
45 LostClassic Mode +Ipswich2-5Colchester 5th RoundBenjamin
45Classic Mode +Stoke City0-3Ipswich 4th RoundBenjamin
44 LostBoard Game extendedShrewsbury5-0Ipswich 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
44Board Game extendedIpswich1-1Shrewsbury 3rd RoundBenjamin
42 LostExtended EditionIpswich0-5Coventry City 4th RoundRebecca
42Extended EditionIpswich3-1Rotherham 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
42Extended EditionRotherham3-3Ipswich 3rd RoundRebecca
41 LostExtended EditionIpswich3-4Charlton 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
41Extended EditionCharlton3-3Ipswich 3rd RoundRebecca
32 LostBoard Game extendedWalsall5-1Ipswich 4th RoundTerence
32Board Game extendedSouthend1-3Ipswich 3rd RoundTerence
30 LostExtended EditionForest Green1-0Ipswich 4th RoundPhil
30Extended EditionIpswich3-1Oxford 3rd RoundPhil
29 LostBoard GameCardiff4-2Ipswich 4th RoundRebecca
28 LostExtended EditionIpswich1-4Burnley 5th RoundYesFerguson
28Extended EditionIpswich3-0Manchester City 4th RoundFerguson
28Extended EditionIpswich1-0Hartlepool 3rd RoundFerguson
25 LostBoard Game extendedIpswich0-1Stockport 3rd RoundPhil
24 LostBoard GameIpswich0-2Liverpool 5th RoundWerence
24Board GameGillingham0-2Ipswich 4th RoundWerence
23 LostBoard Game extendedLiverpool3-1Ipswich 3rd Round Replay 2Benjamin
23Board Game extendedIpswich1-1Liverpool 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
23Board Game extendedLiverpool3-3Ipswich 3rd RoundBenjamin
20 LostExtended EditionIpswich0-4Millwall 3rd RoundRebecca
19 LostBoard Game extendedBarnsley5-3Ipswich 3rd RoundBenjamin
16 LostBoard GameIpswich0-1Southend 5th RoundPhil
16Board GameCrewe Alexandra1-4Ipswich 4th RoundPhil
15 LostExtended EditionIpswich3-4Sheffield Wednesday 5th RoundKayode
15Extended EditionIpswich4-3Chelsea 4th Round ReplayKayode
15Extended EditionChelsea3-3Ipswich 4th RoundKayode
15Extended EditionGrimsby0-3Ipswich 3rd RoundKayode
14 LostBoard Game extendedFulham3-0Ipswich 5th RoundRebecca
14Board Game extendedIpswich3-0Portsmouth 4th Round ReplayRebecca
14Board Game extendedPortsmouth1-1Ipswich 4th RoundRebecca
14Board Game extendedIpswich4-3Manchester United 3rd RoundRebecca
11 LostBoard GameIpswich3-4Portsmouth 4th RoundBenjamin
9 LostBoard Game extendedLeeds United3-1Ipswich 3rd RoundIain
3 LostBoard Game extendedIpswich0-2Leicester City Quarter-FinalsBenjamin
3Board Game extendedBristol City1-2Ipswich 5th RoundBenjamin
3Board Game extendedIpswich3-1Gillingham 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
3Board Game extendedGillingham1-1Ipswich 4th RoundBenjamin
3Board Game extendedIpswich1-0Sheffield Wednesday 3rd RoundBenjamin
2 LostExtended EditionLeeds United4-1Ipswich Quarter-FinalsRebecca
2Extended EditionIpswich2-1Witney Town 5th RoundRebecca
2Extended EditionIpswich3-0Exeter 4th RoundRebecca
2Extended EditionReading1-3Ipswich 3rd RoundRebecca