Everton - Premier League

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
413Board GameEverton5-2York Final ReplayYes2
413Board GameYork1-1Everton FinalYes2
413Board GameBrentford2-3Everton Semi-FinalsYes2
413Board GameEverton1-0Newport County Quarter-FinalsYes2
413Board GameRotherham0-1Everton 5th RoundYes2
413Board GameMillwall1-4Everton 4th Round2
409 LostThe complete FA CupCoventry City4-1Everton FinalBruyne
409The complete FA CupEverton3-2Huddersfield Semi FinalsBruyne
409The complete FA CupEverton2-1Preston North End Quarter FinalsBruyne
409The complete FA CupBrighton1-5Everton 5th RoundBruyne
409The complete FA CupEverton3-1Watford 4th RoundBruyne
409The complete FA CupLeicester City3-4Everton 3rd RoundYesBruyne
408 LostThe complete FA CupEverton2-4Watford 3rd RoundJon
407 LostThe complete FA CupEverton2-4Cardiff 3rd RoundJon
395 LostThe complete FA CupEverton0-1Blackpool 3rd RoundJon
388 LostThe complete FA CupCrystal Palace3-0Everton 5th Round ReplayClive
388The complete FA CupEverton1-1Crystal Palace 5th RoundClive
388The complete FA CupEverton1-0Walsall 4th RoundClive
388The complete FA CupEverton2-1Derby 3rd RoundClive
368 LostBoard Game extendedEverton4-6Chester Semi-FinalsYesSteve
368Board Game extendedEverton5-1Blackpool Quarter-FinalsYesSteve
368Board Game extendedEverton4-1Bolton 5th RoundYesSteve
368Board Game extendedEverton4-2Hull 4th RoundYesSteve
368Board Game extendedLeyton Orient1-4Everton 3rd RoundYesSteve
367 LostBoard GameColchester6-4Everton Quarter-FinalsYesSteve
367Board GameEverton3-0Arsenal 5th RoundYesSteve
367Board GameMillwall0-3Everton 4th RoundYesSteve
355 LostBoard GameIpswich1-0Everton 4th RoundNan
353 LostThe complete FA CupIpswich2-1Everton 3rd RoundLorena
351 LostBoard GameEverton2-4Aston Villa 5th RoundBenjamin
351Board GameFulham1-2Everton 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
351Board GameEverton3-3Fulham 4th RoundBenjamin
350 LostThe complete FA CupSheffield Wednesday4-3Everton 3rd RoundPen
349 LostBoard GameEverton0-1Leyton Orient 4th RoundDrew
339 LostExtended EditionEverton1-2Carlisle 4th RoundBenjamin
336 LostBoard GameEverton1-3Manchester United 5th RoundYesPa
336Board GameEverton4-3Blackburn 4th Round ReplayYesPa
336Board GameBlackburn4-4Everton 4th RoundYesPa
319 LostBoard GameEverton4-5Bournemouth 4th RoundAB
305 LostBoard GamePortsmouth4-3Everton 4th RoundAimee
250 LostBoard Game extendedEverton3-4West Ham 3rd RoundD
204 LostExtended EditionEverton3-4Swindon Town Quarter-FinalsRebecca
204Extended EditionDoncaster Rovers0-3Everton 5th Round ReplayRebecca
204Extended EditionEverton1-1Doncaster Rovers 5th RoundRebecca
204Extended EditionEverton3-1Huddersfield 4th RoundRebecca
178Board Game extendedEverton3-1Notts County 3rd Roundren
168 LostBoard GameBolton3-2Everton 5th RoundA
168Board GameBlackburn1-3Everton 4th RoundA
167 LostThe complete FA CupEverton2-4Sheffield Wednesday Quarter FinalsF
167The complete FA CupEverton3-1Huddersfield 5th RoundF
167The complete FA CupEverton4-1Queen's Park Rangers 4th RoundF
167The complete FA CupEverton4-2Manchester City 3rd Round ReplayF
167The complete FA CupManchester City4-4Everton 3rd RoundF
166 LostThe complete FA CupCardiff3-1Everton 4th Round ReplayYessteve
166The complete FA CupEverton3-3Cardiff 4th RoundYessteve
166The complete FA CupWolverhampton3-4Everton 3rd RoundYessteve
164 LostThe complete FA CupEverton3-4Manchester City 4th Roundguy
164The complete FA CupEverton3-2West Ham 3rd Round Replayguy
164The complete FA CupWest Ham0-0Everton 3rd Roundguy
146 LostThe complete FA CupCoventry City4-1Everton Semi Finalssteve
146The complete FA CupEverton2-0Blackburn Quarter Finalssteve
146The complete FA CupNottingham Forest0-4Everton 5th Round Replay 2steve
146The complete FA CupEverton3-3Nottingham Forest 5th Round Replaysteve
146The complete FA CupNottingham Forest1-1Everton 5th Roundsteve
146The complete FA CupHull2-4Everton 4th Roundsteve
146The complete FA CupManchester United0-3Everton 3rd Roundsteve
141 LostBoard GameEverton0-3Ipswich 4th Rounddr
138 LostThe complete FA CupCarlisle2-1Everton 5th RoundJake
138The complete FA CupEverton3-0Scarborough 4th RoundJake
138The complete FA CupEverton3-1Portsmouth 3rd RoundJake
137 LostBoard Game extendedSheffield Wednesday3-2Everton 3rd RoundJel
133 LostBoard GameAldershot5-0Everton 4th RoundJake
131 LostBoard GameTorquay4-3Everton 5th RoundDan
131Board GameEverton3-1Bournemouth 4th Round ReplayDan
131Board GameBournemouth2-2Everton 4th RoundDan
125 LostThe complete FA CupEverton2-3Millwall 5th Round ReplayGethin
125The complete FA CupMillwall1-1Everton 5th RoundGethin
125The complete FA CupEverton4-3Southampton 4th RoundGethin
125The complete FA CupEverton3-0Doncaster Rovers 3rd Round ReplayGethin
125The complete FA CupDoncaster Rovers1-1Everton 3rd RoundGethin
124 LostThe complete FA CupColchester6-3Everton 5th RoundDaniel
124The complete FA CupNewcastle0-5Everton 4th RoundYesDaniel
124The complete FA CupEverton3-0Sheffield Wednesday 3rd RoundYesDaniel
119 LostBoard GameEverton2-4Queen's Park Rangers 4th Roundmorgo
114 LostBoard Game extendedBlackburn2-1Everton 4th RoundTerry
114Board Game extendedWest Ham0-3Everton 3rd RoundTerry
82 LostThe complete FA CupBirmingham1-0Everton 4th RoundUSA
82The complete FA CupEverton4-2Eastleigh 3rd RoundUSA
81 LostBoard GameEverton2-5Colchester Quarter-Finalsownfw
81Board GameEverton2-0Oxford 5th Round Replayownfw
81Board GameOxford0-0Everton 5th Roundownfw
81Board GameEverton3-2Blackpool 4th Roundownfw
66Board GameBristol City1-3Everton Finalunclechris
66Board GameBradford Park Avenue0-1Everton Semi-Finalsunclechris
66Board GameWest Bromwich Albion3-4Everton Quarter-Finalsunclechris
66Board GameEverton2-1Crewe Alexandra 5th Round Replay 2unclechris
66Board GameCrewe Alexandra1-1Everton 5th Round Replayunclechris
66Board GameEverton0-0Crewe Alexandra 5th Roundunclechris
66Board GameEverton4-1Oxford 4th Roundunclechris
63 LostClassic Mode +Everton0-2Newcastle 4th RoundRebecca
59 LostClassic Mode +Everton0-2Millwall 4th RoundRebecca
56 LostThe complete FA CupEverton0-2West Ham 4th RoundIain
56The complete FA CupCardiff3-4Everton 3rd RoundIain
54 LostBoard GameDarlington4-3Everton FinalBen
54Board GameManchester United0-1Everton Semi-FinalsBen
54Board GameEverton3-0York Quarter-FinalsBen
54Board GameDoncaster Rovers1-4Everton 5th RoundBen
54Board GameEverton3-1Bristol Rovers 4th RoundBen
47 LostBoard GameLeyton Orient5-3Everton FinalYesBenjamin
47Board GameSheffield Wednesday1-4Everton Semi-FinalsYesBenjamin
47Board GameBlackpool1-4Everton Quarter-FinalsYesBenjamin
47Board GameExeter1-4Everton 5th RoundBenjamin
47Board GameFulham0-2Everton 4th Round Replay 2Benjamin
47Board GameEverton3-3Fulham 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
47Board GameFulham4-4Everton 4th RoundBenjamin
46 LostExtended EditionWorkington2-1Everton Quarter-FinalsYesIain
46Extended EditionEverton3-1Bournemouth 5th RoundYesIain
46Extended EditionEverton3-0Blackburn 4th RoundIain
44 LostBoard Game extendedEverton0-1Grimsby 5th RoundIain
44Board Game extendedEverton2-1Rotherham 4th RoundIain
44Board Game extendedEverton2-1Northampton 3rd RoundIain
43 LostExtended EditionEverton0-4Arsenal 5th RoundBenjamin
43Extended EditionNorthwich Victoria1-2Everton 4th RoundBenjamin
42 LostExtended EditionSwansea Town6-2Everton Quarter-FinalsDavid
42Extended EditionEverton2-1Sheffield United 5th Round ReplayDavid
42Extended EditionSheffield United1-1Everton 5th RoundDavid
42Extended EditionEverton3-1Romford 4th RoundDavid
36 LostBoard GameLeyton Orient1-0Everton Quarter-FinalsBenjamin
36Board GameEverton3-0Manchester United 5th RoundBenjamin
36Board GameEverton3-1York 4th RoundBenjamin
35 LostExtended EditionEverton0-1Heybridge Swifts 4th RoundIain
33 LostBoard Game extendedEverton0-3Fulham 3rd RoundPhil
32Board Game extendedEverton4-1Tottenham Hotspur FinalMatt
32Board Game extendedExeter1-3Everton Semi-FinalsMatt
32Board Game extendedBradford Park Avenue2-4Everton Quarter-FinalsMatt
32Board Game extendedEverton3-1Manchester United 5th RoundMatt
32Board Game extendedEverton4-1Chesterfield 4th Round ReplayMatt
32Board Game extendedChesterfield1-1Everton 4th RoundMatt
32Board Game extendedEverton3-0Northampton 3rd RoundMatt
30 LostExtended EditionPreston North End4-3Everton 4th RoundTerence
29 LostBoard GameEverton4-5Exeter Semi-FinalsYesRebecca
29Board GameEverton4-1Aldershot Quarter-FinalsYesRebecca
29Board GameNorthampton1-3Everton 5th RoundRebecca
29Board GameEverton4-1Derby 4th RoundRebecca
28 LostExtended EditionBirmingham1-0Everton 5th RoundKeegan
28Extended EditionPortsmouth0-4Everton 4th RoundKeegan
25 LostBoard Game extendedLeyton Orient6-1Everton Quarter-FinalsYesBenjamin
25Board Game extendedEverton2-1Blackburn 5th RoundYesBenjamin
25Board Game extendedEverton3-0Aston Villa 4th RoundBenjamin
25Board Game extendedEverton4-1Coventry City 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
25Board Game extendedCoventry City4-4Everton 3rd RoundBenjamin
23 LostBoard Game extendedEverton3-4Aston Villa 3rd RoundTerence
18 LostBoard GameCoventry City4-1Everton 5th RoundBenjamin
18Board GameEverton2-0West Ham 4th RoundBenjamin
16 LostBoard GameRotherham5-2Everton Semi-FinalsYesPhil
16Board GamePlymouth Argyle0-5Everton Quarter-FinalsYesPhil
16Board GameManchester City0-4Everton 5th RoundYesPhil
16Board GameEverton3-1Northampton 4th RoundYesPhil
14Board Game extendedLeyton Orient1-5Everton FinalYesBenjamin
14Board Game extendedEverton4-3Norwich Semi-FinalsYesBenjamin
14Board Game extendedStockport2-4Everton Quarter-FinalsYesBenjamin
14Board Game extendedEverton4-0Newport County 5th RoundYesBenjamin
14Board Game extendedEverton4-0Leeds United 4th RoundYesBenjamin
14Board Game extendedEverton4-3Bristol City 3rd RoundYesBenjamin
3 LostBoard Game extendedHartlepool5-4Everton 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
3Board Game extendedEverton1-1Hartlepool 4th RoundBenjamin
3Board Game extendedEverton1-0Brighton 3rd RoundBenjamin