Leicester City - Premier League

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
409 LostThe complete FA CupLeicester City3-4Everton 3rd RoundAubameyang
408 LostThe complete FA CupLeicester City0-2Southampton Final ReplayJon
408The complete FA CupSouthampton2-2Leicester City FinalJon
408The complete FA CupLeicester City1-0Wolverhampton Semi FinalsJon
408The complete FA CupNetherfield0-3Leicester City Quarter FinalsJon
408The complete FA CupLeicester City2-1Plymouth Argyle 5th RoundJon
408The complete FA CupTorquay0-4Leicester City 4th Round ReplayJon
408The complete FA CupLeicester City4-4Torquay 4th RoundJon
408The complete FA CupWest Bromwich Albion1-3Leicester City 3rd RoundJon
407 LostThe complete FA CupLeicester City1-4Carlisle 3rd RoundJon
395 LostThe complete FA CupLeicester City1-3Manchester United 3rd RoundJon
388 LostThe complete FA CupWest Ham4-0Leicester City 5th RoundClive
388The complete FA CupLeicester City2-0Manchester United 4th RoundClive
388The complete FA CupPreston North End0-3Leicester City 3rd RoundClive
368 LostBoard Game extendedLeicester City3-4Leeds United 5th RoundYesIan
368Board Game extendedNottingham Forest1-3Leicester City 4th RoundYesIan
368Board Game extendedLeicester City2-1Watford 3rd RoundYesIan
365 LostBoard Game extendedLeicester City3-4Colchester 3rd RoundSteve
353The complete FA CupSouthampton1-3Leicester City Final ReplayLorena
353The complete FA CupLeicester City1-1Southampton FinalLorena
353The complete FA CupLiverpool3-5Leicester City Semi FinalsLorena
353The complete FA CupLeicester City2-1Burnley Quarter Finals ReplayLorena
353The complete FA CupBurnley4-4Leicester City Quarter FinalsLorena
353The complete FA CupRochdale1-4Leicester City 5th Round ReplayLorena
353The complete FA CupLeicester City1-1Rochdale 5th RoundLorena
353The complete FA CupPlymouth Argyle1-4Leicester City 4th Round ReplayYesLorena
353The complete FA CupLeicester City2-2Plymouth Argyle 4th RoundYesLorena
353The complete FA CupBangor City0-2Leicester City 3rd RoundYesLorena
350 LostThe complete FA CupLeicester City0-4Charlton 5th RoundTan
350The complete FA CupFulham3-4Leicester City 4th RoundTan
350The complete FA CupLeicester City4-1Aston Villa 3rd Round ReplayTan
350The complete FA CupAston Villa1-1Leicester City 3rd RoundTan
340 LostBoard GameLeicester City0-3Stoke City Quarter-Finals2
340Board GameLeicester City4-0Luton Town 5th Round2
340Board GameReading1-4Leicester City 4th Round2
250Board Game extendedCarlisle1-4Leicester City 3rd Round ReplayS
250Board Game extendedLeicester City1-1Carlisle 3rd RoundS
204Extended EditionWolverhampton3-4Leicester City Final ReplayRebecca
204Extended EditionLeicester City4-4Wolverhampton FinalRebecca
204Extended EditionSwindon Town0-1Leicester City Semi-FinalsRebecca
204Extended EditionLeicester City4-1Macclesfield Quarter-FinalsRebecca
204Extended EditionMargate1-2Leicester City 5th RoundRebecca
204Extended EditionWellington Town3-4Leicester City 4th RoundRebecca
203 LostBoard GameCrystal Palace3-1Leicester City 5th RoundTest2
203Board GameLeicester City4-1Swansea Town 4th RoundTest2
191The complete FA CupBristol City2-4Leicester City 3rd Round ReplayHelen
191The complete FA CupLeicester City1-1Bristol City 3rd RoundHelen
190 LostClassic Mode +Huddersfield2-1Leicester City Finalk
190Classic Mode +Cardiff0-3Leicester City Semi-Finalsk
190Classic Mode +Merthyr Tydfil1-4Leicester City Quarter-Finalsk
190Classic Mode +Leicester City4-0Chesterfield 5th Roundk
190Classic Mode +Leicester City4-0Barnet 4th Round Replayk
190Classic Mode +Barnet0-0Leicester City 4th Roundk
167 LostThe complete FA CupLeeds United4-1Leicester City 3rd RoundC
166 LostThe complete FA CupLeicester City1-3Blackpool 3rd Round Replaygriff
166The complete FA CupBlackpool3-3Leicester City 3rd Roundgriff
164 LostThe complete FA CupLeicester City1-4Bristol City 5th Round Replaynicky
164The complete FA CupBristol City1-1Leicester City 5th Roundnicky
164The complete FA CupSouthampton1-3Leicester City 4th Round Replay 2nicky
164The complete FA CupLeicester City0-0Southampton 4th Round Replaynicky
164The complete FA CupSouthampton3-3Leicester City 4th Roundnicky
164The complete FA CupLeicester City4-1Birmingham 3rd Round Replaynicky
164The complete FA CupBirmingham0-0Leicester City 3rd Roundnicky
146 LostThe complete FA CupCrystal Palace4-0Leicester City 3rd Roundgriff
141 LostBoard GameMansfield5-3Leicester City 4th Roundkr
138 LostThe complete FA CupChesterfield5-1Leicester City Quarter FinalsDeb
138The complete FA CupLeicester City3-1Arsenal 5th RoundDeb
138The complete FA CupLeicester City4-0Walsall 4th RoundDeb
138The complete FA CupColchester0-1Leicester City 3rd RoundDeb
137 LostBoard Game extendedLeicester City0-3Blackburn 4th Round ReplayH
137Board Game extendedBlackburn3-3Leicester City 4th RoundH
137Board Game extendedChester1-4Leicester City 3rd RoundH
125 LostThe complete FA CupLeicester City0-3Birmingham 5th Round ReplayRebecca
125The complete FA CupBirmingham1-1Leicester City 5th RoundRebecca
125The complete FA CupLeicester City3-0Arsenal 4th RoundRebecca
125The complete FA CupLeicester City2-0Exeter 3rd RoundRebecca
124 LostThe complete FA CupRotherham2-0Leicester City 3rd RoundMartin
120 LostExtended EditionStoke City2-0Leicester City 4th RoundRebecca
95 LostBoard GameLeicester City0-3Charlton 5th RoundJake
95Board GameBrighton0-1Leicester City 4th RoundJake
86 LostExtended EditionTranmere1-0Leicester City 4th RoundBenjamiiiiiin
83 LostBoard GameLeicester City3-4Sheffield United Semi-FinalsYesben
83Board GameSwindon Town1-4Leicester City Quarter-FinalsYesben
83Board GameLeicester City5-3Birmingham 5th RoundYesben
83Board GameLeicester City5-4Gillingham 4th RoundYesben
82 LostThe complete FA CupLeicester City1-2Corinthian-Casuals 4th RoundUSA
82The complete FA CupLeeds United1-4Leicester City 3rd Round ReplayYesUSA
82The complete FA CupLeicester City3-3Leeds United 3rd RoundYesUSA
80 LostBoard GameLeicester City0-2Nottingham Forest Semi-Finalsluke
80Board GameSunderland0-3Leicester City Quarter-Finals Replayluke
80Board GameLeicester City2-2Sunderland Quarter-Finalsluke
80Board GameRochdale1-3Leicester City 5th Roundluke
80Board GameLeicester City3-1Bradford Park Avenue 4th Roundluke
78 LostExtended EditionMiddlesbrough3-2Leicester City 5th RoundBenjamin
78Extended EditionMansfield0-1Leicester City 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
78Extended EditionLeicester City0-0Mansfield 4th RoundBenjamin
76 LostBoard GameLeicester City1-3Burnley 5th RoundIain
76Board GameLeicester City3-1Luton Town 4th RoundIain
64Board GameLeicester City4-1Aston Villa FinalIsaac
64Board GameBirmingham0-3Leicester City Semi-FinalsIsaac
64Board GameLeicester City3-1Liverpool Quarter-FinalsIsaac
64Board GameLeicester City3-0Swindon Town 5th RoundIsaac
64Board GameLeicester City3-0Rochdale 4th RoundIsaac
61 LostBoard GameOldham4-0Leicester City FinalPete
61Board GameCoventry City2-3Leicester City Semi-FinalsPete
61Board GameSouthampton0-1Leicester City Quarter-Finals ReplayPete
61Board GameLeicester City4-4Southampton Quarter-FinalsPete
61Board GameCharlton1-3Leicester City 5th Round ReplayPete
61Board GameLeicester City4-4Charlton 5th RoundPete
61Board GameWest Bromwich Albion1-2Leicester City 4th RoundPete
60 LostBoard Game extendedNotts County4-1Leicester City 3rd RoundRebecca
56 LostThe complete FA CupLeicester City0-1Blackpool 3rd RoundIain
51 LostEurope TestCatania2-0Leicester City FinalRebecca
51Europe TestTottenham Hotspur1-4Leicester City Semi FinalsRebecca
51Europe TestRangers0-4Leicester City Quarter FinalsRebecca
46 LostExtended EditionLeicester City3-5Coventry City 4th Round ReplayIain
46Extended EditionCoventry City4-4Leicester City 4th RoundIain
44 LostBoard Game extendedLeicester City3-4York 4th RoundIain
44Board Game extendedLeicester City3-1Watford 3rd Round ReplayIain
44Board Game extendedWatford0-0Leicester City 3rd RoundIain
42 LostExtended EditionLeicester City2-4Enfield 5th RoundYesIain
42Extended EditionBoreham Wood3-4Leicester City 4th Round ReplayIain
42Extended EditionLeicester City1-1Boreham Wood 4th RoundIain
40 LostBoard GameCoventry City4-1Leicester City 4th RoundMatt
35Extended EditionTranmere0-3Leicester City FinalYesRebecca
35Extended EditionLeicester City4-0Watford Semi-FinalsYesRebecca
35Extended EditionLeicester City2-1Crystal Palace Quarter-FinalsYesRebecca
35Extended EditionLeicester City5-1Norwich 5th Round Replay 3YesRebecca
35Extended EditionNorwich1-1Leicester City 5th Round Replay 2YesRebecca
35Extended EditionLeicester City3-3Norwich 5th Round ReplayYesRebecca
35Extended EditionNorwich3-3Leicester City 5th RoundYesRebecca
35Extended EditionLeicester City4-3Southampton 4th Round Replay 2Rebecca
35Extended EditionSouthampton3-3Leicester City 4th Round ReplayRebecca
35Extended EditionLeicester City2-2Southampton 4th RoundRebecca
33 LostBoard Game extendedWolverhampton3-0Leicester City 3rd RoundMatt
32 LostBoard Game extendedLeicester City1-4Rochdale 4th RoundTerence
32Board Game extendedLeicester City3-0Middlesbrough 3rd RoundTerence
31 LostExtended EditionLeicester City3-4Swansea Town Semi-FinalsAnn
31Extended EditionLeicester City3-0Bradford Park Avenue Quarter-Finals ReplayAnn
31Extended EditionBradford Park Avenue4-4Leicester City Quarter-FinalsAnn
31Extended EditionLeicester City2-1Goole Town 5th Round ReplayAnn
31Extended EditionGoole Town3-3Leicester City 5th RoundAnn
31Extended EditionLeicester City3-0Wolverhampton 4th RoundAnn
25 LostBoard Game extendedLeicester City1-4Arsenal 3rd RoundBenjamin
24 LostBoard GameYork1-0Leicester City 5th RoundWerence
24Board GameBurnley1-3Leicester City 4th Round ReplayWerence
24Board GameLeicester City3-3Burnley 4th RoundWerence
23 LostBoard Game extendedChelsea1-0Leicester City 4th Round ReplayTerence
23Board Game extendedLeicester City3-3Chelsea 4th RoundTerence
23Board Game extendedNorwich2-4Leicester City 3rd RoundTerence
19 LostBoard Game extendedLeicester City2-4Mansfield 3rd RoundRebecca
18 LostBoard GameLeicester City1-3Coventry City Quarter-FinalsBenjamin
18Board GameLeicester City3-2Swansea Town 5th RoundBenjamin
18Board GameLeicester City4-2Bolton 4th RoundBenjamin
15 LostExtended EditionLeicester City0-1West Bromwich Albion Final ReplayRebecca
15Extended EditionWest Bromwich Albion1-1Leicester City FinalRebecca
15Extended EditionLeicester City1-0Sheffield Wednesday Semi-FinalsRebecca
15Extended EditionLeicester City1-0Blackpool Quarter-FinalsRebecca
15Extended EditionLeicester City1-0Coventry City 5th RoundRebecca
15Extended EditionLeicester City4-1Derby 4th Round ReplayRebecca
15Extended EditionDerby2-2Leicester City 4th RoundRebecca
14 LostBoard Game extendedBristol Rovers1-0Leicester City 4th RoundBenjamin
14Board Game extendedLeicester City4-0Hartlepool 3rd RoundBenjamin
4 LostBoard GameLeicester City2-3Derby 5th RoundAnn
4Board GameLeicester City2-0Nottingham Forest 4th RoundAnn
3Board Game extendedMiddlesbrough1-4Leicester City FinalRebecca
3Board Game extendedLeicester City2-0Millwall Semi-Finals ReplayRebecca
3Board Game extendedMillwall3-3Leicester City Semi-FinalsRebecca
3Board Game extendedIpswich0-2Leicester City Quarter-FinalsRebecca
3Board Game extendedLeicester City1-0Hartlepool 5th RoundRebecca
3Board Game extendedTorquay1-4Leicester City 4th RoundRebecca
3Board Game extendedLeicester City3-0Charlton 3rd RoundRebecca
2 LostExtended EditionLeicester City3-4Oxford 4th RoundBenjamin
1 LostBoard GameLeicester City0-4Middlesbrough 4th RoundRebecca