Southampton - Premier League

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
339Extended EditionDarlington1-2Southampton FinalYesIain
339Extended EditionFulham4-5Southampton Semi-FinalsYesIain
339Extended EditionSouthampton5-2Derby Quarter-FinalsYesIain
339Extended EditionBlackburn2-4Southampton 5th RoundIain
339Extended EditionHull3-4Southampton 4th RoundIain
250Board Game extendedSouthampton4-3Millwall 3rd Round Replay 2S
250Board Game extendedMillwall0-0Southampton 3rd Round ReplayS
250Board Game extendedSouthampton2-2Millwall 3rd RoundS
228Board GameSouthampton1-0Manchester United 4th RoundBob
186 LostClassic Mode +Sheffield Wednesday1-0Southampton 4th Roundn
168 LostBoard GameNottingham Forest3-1Southampton 4th Round ReplayA
168Board GameSouthampton3-3Nottingham Forest 4th RoundA
167 LostThe complete FA CupSouthampton2-4Carlisle 3rd RoundC
166 LostThe complete FA CupSouthampton0-2Blackburn 4th Roundgriff
166The complete FA CupLiverpool2-3Southampton 3rd Roundgriff
164 LostThe complete FA CupSouthampton1-3Leicester City 4th Round Replay 2griff
164The complete FA CupLeicester City0-0Southampton 4th Round Replaygriff
164The complete FA CupSouthampton3-3Leicester City 4th Roundgriff
164The complete FA CupSouthampton3-0Carlisle 3rd Roundgriff
159 LostExtended EditionWycombe Wanderers2-1Southampton Semi-Finals Replayade
159Extended EditionSouthampton2-2Wycombe Wanderers Semi-Finalsade
159Extended EditionSouthampton2-0Cardiff Quarter-Finalsade
159Extended EditionSouthampton2-0Peterborough 5th Roundade
159Extended EditionSouthampton2-1Doncaster Rovers 4th Roundade
146 LostThe complete FA CupSouthampton2-3Coventry City 5th RoundEddie
146The complete FA CupSouthampton4-2Charlton 4th RoundEddie
146The complete FA CupChester0-3Southampton 3rd RoundEddie
141 LostBoard GameSouthampton0-5Mansfield Quarter-Finalslr
141Board GameSouthampton4-2Ipswich 5th Round Replaylr
141Board GameIpswich2-2Southampton 5th Roundlr
141Board GameSouthampton1-0Bournemouth 4th Roundlr
138 LostThe complete FA CupBolton3-2Southampton 3rd RoundPD
137Board Game extendedSouthampton3-1Huddersfield FinalJel
137Board Game extendedLiverpool0-1Southampton Semi-FinalsJel
137Board Game extendedSouthampton1-0West Ham Quarter-FinalsJel
137Board Game extendedPlymouth Argyle0-1Southampton 5th RoundJel
137Board Game extendedSouthampton2-1Bournemouth 4th RoundJel
137Board Game extendedSouthampton4-0Tottenham Hotspur 3rd Round Replay 3Jel
137Board Game extendedTottenham Hotspur2-2Southampton 3rd Round Replay 2Jel
137Board Game extendedSouthampton3-3Tottenham Hotspur 3rd Round ReplayJel
137Board Game extendedTottenham Hotspur4-4Southampton 3rd RoundJel
133 LostBoard GameSouthampton2-4West Bromwich Albion 5th Round ReplayH
133Board GameWest Bromwich Albion1-1Southampton 5th RoundH
133Board GameAston Villa3-4Southampton 4th Round ReplayH
133Board GameSouthampton3-3Aston Villa 4th RoundH
132Board GameSouthampton3-2Charlton 5th RoundDinky
132Board GameSouthampton2-1Rochdale 4th RoundDinky
127 LostBoard GameAston Villa4-2Southampton 4th RoundScott
125 LostThe complete FA CupEverton4-3Southampton 4th RoundDaniel
125The complete FA CupWeymouth0-2Southampton 3rd RoundDaniel
124 LostThe complete FA CupSouthampton2-5Arsenal 5th RoundMum
124The complete FA CupSouthampton2-1Bolton 4th RoundYesMum
124The complete FA CupSouthampton4-3Leeds United 3rd RoundYesMum
120 LostExtended EditionSouthampton2-3Sheffield United FinalYesBenjamin
120Extended EditionSouthampton4-1Stoke City Semi-FinalsYesBenjamin
120Extended EditionSouthampton4-1Derby Quarter-FinalsYesBenjamin
120Extended EditionSouthampton2-1Colchester 5th RoundBenjamin
120Extended EditionSouthampton1-0Newcastle 4th RoundBenjamin
110 LostBoard GameSouthampton1-3Sunderland Quarter-FinalsYesMommy
110Board GameSouthampton2-0Ipswich 5th RoundYesMommy
110Board GameSouthampton1-0Darlington 4th RoundMommy
95Board GameLeyton Orient1-4Southampton 5th Round ReplayJake
95Board GameSouthampton4-4Leyton Orient 5th RoundJake
95Board GameSouthampton3-0Rotherham 4th RoundJake
86 LostExtended EditionSouthampton3-4Shrewsbury 4th RoundBenjamiiiiiin
82 LostThe complete FA CupBolton3-2Southampton 3rd Round ReplayUSA
82The complete FA CupSouthampton3-3Bolton 3rd RoundUSA
81 LostBoard GameLeeds United3-0Southampton 5th RoundlukdCONSO
81Board GameSouthampton4-1Blackburn 4th RoundlukdCONSO
80 LostBoard GameNottingham Forest1-0Southampton 4th Roundluke
78 LostExtended EditionSouthampton0-2Aston Villa 5th RoundBenjamin
78Extended EditionSouthampton4-2Norwich 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
78Extended EditionNorwich1-1Southampton 4th RoundBenjamin
76 LostBoard GameSouthampton1-2Burnley 4th RoundIain
75 LostExtended EditionSouthampton3-4Millwall 4th RoundIain
67Board GameYork1-3Southampton 4th Roundspuds
66 LostBoard GameSouthampton0-3West Bromwich Albion 4th Round Replayisaac
66Board GameWest Bromwich Albion3-3Southampton 4th Roundisaac
61 LostBoard GameSouthampton0-1Leicester City Quarter-Finals ReplayPete
61Board GameLeicester City4-4Southampton Quarter-FinalsPete
61Board GameSouthampton4-2Preston North End 5th RoundPete
61Board GameWorkington1-3Southampton 4th RoundPete
60 LostBoard Game extendedSouthampton1-4Manchester City 4th RoundRebecca
60Board Game extendedColchester0-3Southampton 3rd RoundRebecca
56 LostThe complete FA CupWalsall1-0Southampton 4th RoundBenjamin
56The complete FA CupSouthport0-4Southampton 3rd RoundBenjamin
52 LostClassic Mode +Southampton0-3Leeds United 4th Round Replay 2Rebecca
52Classic Mode +Leeds United3-3Southampton 4th Round ReplayRebecca
52Classic Mode +Southampton3-3Leeds United 4th RoundRebecca
49 LostBoard GameSouthampton2-3Aston Villa Quarter-FinalsBenjamin
49Board GameLuton Town1-4Southampton 5th RoundBenjamin
49Board GameLeeds United1-3Southampton 4th RoundBenjamin
45 LostClassic Mode +Southampton0-2Corby Town Quarter-FinalsBenjamin
45Classic Mode +Southampton4-1Blackpool 5th RoundBenjamin
45Classic Mode +Southampton3-2Arsenal 4th RoundBenjamin
44 LostBoard Game extendedBradford City5-3Southampton 3rd RoundIain
43 LostExtended EditionWalsall5-1Southampton Semi-FinalsIain
43Extended EditionSouthampton4-3Arsenal Quarter-FinalsIain
43Extended EditionHuddersfield3-4Southampton 5th Round ReplayIain
43Extended EditionSouthampton2-2Huddersfield 5th RoundIain
43Extended EditionSouthampton3-1Bolton 4th RoundIain
42 LostExtended EditionSouthampton0-1Leyton Orient 4th RoundAndrew
40 LostBoard GameHuddersfield1-0Southampton 4th RoundBenjamin
36 LostBoard GameSouthampton0-4Plymouth Argyle 4th RoundRobert
35 LostExtended EditionLeicester City4-3Southampton 4th Round Replay 2Benjamin
35Extended EditionSouthampton3-3Leicester City 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
35Extended EditionLeicester City2-2Southampton 4th RoundBenjamin
32 LostBoard Game extendedBarnsley4-0Southampton 3rd RoundPhil
31 LostExtended EditionHuddersfield4-1Southampton Quarter-Finals ReplayRebecca
31Extended EditionSouthampton1-1Huddersfield Quarter-FinalsRebecca
31Extended EditionLeeds United1-3Southampton 5th RoundRebecca
31Extended EditionSouthampton3-0Preston North End 4th RoundRebecca
11 LostBoard GameBristol Rovers4-3Southampton 4th RoundRebecca
9 LostBoard Game extendedSouthampton3-4Sheffield United 3rd RoundAnn
3 LostBoard Game extendedMillwall4-3Southampton 5th RoundRebecca
3Board Game extendedPort Vale1-3Southampton 4th RoundRebecca
3Board Game extendedOxford1-3Southampton 3rd RoundRebecca
2 LostExtended EditionLeeds United1-0Southampton Semi-FinalsBenjamin
2Extended EditionSouthampton4-1Oxford Quarter-Finals ReplayBenjamin
2Extended EditionOxford0-0Southampton Quarter-FinalsBenjamin
2Extended EditionBury0-1Southampton 5th RoundBenjamin
2Extended EditionSouthampton3-0Bradford Park Avenue 4th RoundBenjamin