Blackpool - The Championship

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
339 LostExtended EditionDerby1-0Blackpool 4th RoundBenjamin
339Extended EditionAston Villa1-3Blackpool 3rd RoundBenjamin
307 LostExtended EditionMiddlesbrough3-1Blackpool 3rd RoundBarneyCat
303Board GameBlackpool2-0Watford 4th RoundAndrew
250 LostBoard Game extendedAldershot1-0Blackpool 3rd RoundS
204 LostExtended EditionBlackpool2-3Crystal Palace 4th RoundBenjamin
204Extended EditionGillingham2-3Blackpool 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
204Extended EditionBlackpool3-3Gillingham 3rd RoundBenjamin
190 LostClassic Mode +Blackpool0-3Huddersfield 5th Roundh
190Classic Mode +Blackpool4-0Netherfield 4th Roundh
185 LostBoard GameNotts County4-1Blackpool 4th Round Replayian
185Board GameBlackpool0-0Notts County 4th Roundian
167 LostThe complete FA CupGrimsby5-1Blackpool 3rd RoundB
166 LostThe complete FA CupCardiff2-1Blackpool 5th RoundYesgriff
166The complete FA CupWest Ham3-4Blackpool 4th RoundYesgriff
166The complete FA CupLeicester City1-3Blackpool 3rd Round ReplayYesgriff
166The complete FA CupBlackpool3-3Leicester City 3rd RoundYesgriff
164 LostThe complete FA CupBlackpool0-1Bury 3rd Roundian
159 LostExtended EditionBlackpool2-3Carlisle 5th Roundade
159Extended EditionTottenham Hotspur2-3Blackpool 4th Roundade
159Extended EditionBlackpool4-3Scunthorpe 3rd Roundade
146 LostThe complete FA CupFulham1-0Blackpool Quarter Finalsdave
146The complete FA CupBlackpool4-2Burnley 5th Rounddave
146The complete FA CupCardiff0-1Blackpool 4th Rounddave
146The complete FA CupPlymouth Argyle0-1Blackpool 3rd Rounddave
141 LostBoard GameChelsea2-1Blackpool 4th Roundjt
138The complete FA CupBlackpool2-0Crystal Palace FinalH
138The complete FA CupBlackpool3-1Manchester City Semi FinalsH
138The complete FA CupBlackpool4-2Huddersfield Quarter Finals ReplayH
138The complete FA CupHuddersfield1-1Blackpool Quarter FinalsH
138The complete FA CupBlackpool3-2Norwich 5th RoundH
138The complete FA CupWitney Town1-3Blackpool 4th Round ReplayH
138The complete FA CupBlackpool0-0Witney Town 4th RoundH
138The complete FA CupBlackpool3-1Chelsea 3rd Round ReplayH
138The complete FA CupChelsea2-2Blackpool 3rd RoundH
125 LostThe complete FA CupBlackpool0-3Tottenham Hotspur 4th Round ReplayIain
125The complete FA CupTottenham Hotspur2-2Blackpool 4th RoundIain
125The complete FA CupOxford1-4Blackpool 3rd Round ReplayIain
125The complete FA CupBlackpool1-1Oxford 3rd RoundIain
124 LostThe complete FA CupBlackpool1-2West Ham 3rd RoundMum
114 LostBoard Game extendedBlackpool3-4Aldershot 5th RoundTerry
114Board Game extendedPlymouth Argyle1-2Blackpool 4th RoundTerry
114Board Game extendedCarlisle2-3Blackpool 3rd RoundTerry
86 LostExtended EditionBlackpool3-6Halifax 5th RoundBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionBlackpool3-2Nottingham Forest 4th RoundBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionBlackpool4-3Lincoln City 3rd RoundBenjamiiiiiin
84 LostClassic - Major European LeaguesSheffield Wednesday3-1Blackpool 4th Round Replay 2Isaaaaaac
84Classic - Major European LeaguesBlackpool1-1Sheffield Wednesday 4th Round ReplayIsaaaaaac
84Classic - Major European LeaguesSheffield Wednesday1-1Blackpool 4th RoundIsaaaaaac
82 LostThe complete FA CupBlackpool1-3Huddersfield 3rd RoundEngland
81 LostBoard GameEverton3-2Blackpool 4th Roundsocnso
80 LostBoard GameChelsea2-1Blackpool Semi-Finals Replayluke
80Board GameBlackpool3-3Chelsea Semi-Finalsluke
80Board GameChesterfield1-3Blackpool Quarter-Finalsluke
80Board GameCrewe Alexandra1-2Blackpool 5th Roundluke
80Board GameBlackpool4-1Gillingham 4th Round Replayluke
80Board GameGillingham1-1Blackpool 4th Roundluke
78 LostExtended EditionBlackpool0-4Hillingdon Borough 5th RoundRebecca
78Extended EditionLeeds United0-2Blackpool 4th RoundRebecca
78Extended EditionWitney Town2-4Blackpool 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
78Extended EditionBlackpool4-4Witney Town 3rd RoundRebecca
75 LostExtended EditionPreston North End3-1Blackpool 3rd RoundBenjamin
73 LostBoard GameBlackpool3-4Mansfield 4th Roundpoo
69 LostExtended EditionBlackpool0-1Oldham 4th RoundBenjamin
69Extended EditionRochdale0-1Blackpool 3rd RoundBenjamin
64 LostBoard GameBlackpool1-2Birmingham 5th RoundIsaac
64Board GameIpswich3-4Blackpool 4th RoundIsaac
60 LostBoard Game extendedBlackpool0-3Coventry City 5th RoundIain
60Board Game extendedBradford City0-1Blackpool 4th Round ReplayIain
60Board Game extendedBlackpool1-1Bradford City 4th RoundIain
60Board Game extendedBlackpool3-0Crewe Alexandra 3rd RoundIain
56 LostThe complete FA CupBlackpool1-3Preston North End FinalIain
56The complete FA CupNorwich1-3Blackpool Semi Finals ReplayIain
56The complete FA CupBlackpool3-3Norwich Semi FinalsIain
56The complete FA CupBlackpool3-2Notts County Quarter Finals ReplayIain
56The complete FA CupNotts County2-2Blackpool Quarter FinalsIain
56The complete FA CupBlackpool3-0Sheffield Wednesday 5th Round ReplayIain
56The complete FA CupSheffield Wednesday1-1Blackpool 5th RoundIain
56The complete FA CupBlackpool5-0Queen's Park Rangers 4th RoundYesIain
56The complete FA CupLeicester City0-1Blackpool 3rd RoundYesIain
54 LostBoard GameWorkington5-3Blackpool 5th RoundBen
54Board GameChesterfield0-2Blackpool 4th RoundBen
49 LostBoard GameGillingham5-2Blackpool 4th RoundBenjamin2
47 LostBoard GameBlackpool1-4Everton Quarter-FinalsYesRebecca
47Board GameBlackpool4-1Huddersfield 5th RoundRebecca
47Board GameDerby0-1Blackpool 4th RoundRebecca
45 LostClassic Mode +Southampton4-1Blackpool 5th RoundRebecca
45Classic Mode +Blackpool2-0Stockport 4th RoundRebecca
41 LostExtended EditionSutton United5-3Blackpool 3rd RoundRebecca
40 LostBoard GameBlackpool0-1West Bromwich Albion 4th RoundPhil
35 LostExtended EditionCrewe Alexandra5-4Blackpool Quarter-FinalsIain
35Extended EditionBlackpool3-2Huddersfield 5th RoundIain
35Extended EditionBlackpool3-2Halifax 4th Round ReplayIain
35Extended EditionHalifax1-1Blackpool 4th RoundIain
35Extended EditionSwindon Town0-3Blackpool 3rd RoundIain
34 LostBoard GameBlackpool3-4Coventry City 4th Round ReplayGlen
34Board GameCoventry City1-1Blackpool 4th RoundGlen
33 LostBoard Game extendedAldershot5-4Blackpool 4th RoundPhil
33Board Game extendedHuddersfield0-3Blackpool 3rd Round ReplayPhil
33Board Game extendedBlackpool0-0Huddersfield 3rd RoundPhil
31 LostExtended EditionReading1-0Blackpool 3rd RoundIain
30 LostExtended EditionHuddersfield4-1Blackpool 3rd Round ReplayPhil
30Extended EditionBlackpool3-3Huddersfield 3rd RoundPhil
28 LostExtended EditionPlymouth Argyle3-2Blackpool 4th RoundYesWenger
28Extended EditionBlackpool4-1Rochdale 3rd RoundWenger
26 LostExtended EditionLiverpool4-1Blackpool Semi-Finals ReplayYesMatt
26Extended EditionBlackpool4-4Liverpool Semi-FinalsYesMatt
26Extended EditionBlackpool4-2Rossendale Quarter-FinalsYesMatt
26Extended EditionManchester City1-5Blackpool 5th RoundYesMatt
26Extended EditionWimbledon London2-3Blackpool 4th RoundMatt
26Extended EditionBlackpool3-0Goole Town 3rd RoundMatt
21 LostBoard GameCharlton4-1Blackpool Quarter-FinalsYesBenjamin
21Board GameBlackpool3-1Millwall 5th RoundYesBenjamin
21Board GameBlackpool2-1Chesterfield 4th Round ReplayBenjamin
21Board GameChesterfield1-1Blackpool 4th RoundBenjamin
16 LostBoard GameRotherham4-3Blackpool 4th RoundPhil
15 LostExtended EditionLeicester City1-0Blackpool Quarter-FinalsRebecca
15Extended EditionBlackpool1-0Rotherham 5th Round Replay 3Rebecca
15Extended EditionRotherham1-1Blackpool 5th Round Replay 2Rebecca
15Extended EditionBlackpool1-1Rotherham 5th Round ReplayRebecca
15Extended EditionRotherham4-4Blackpool 5th RoundRebecca
15Extended EditionBlackpool2-1Bournemouth 4th RoundRebecca
15Extended EditionMorecambe1-2Blackpool 3rd RoundRebecca
14 LostBoard Game extendedNorwich4-1Blackpool 3rd RoundBenjamin
9 LostBoard Game extendedBlackpool0-4Norwich 3rd RoundAnn
4 LostBoard GameHull3-1Blackpool 4th RoundIain
3 LostBoard Game extendedBlackpool2-4Nottingham Forest 4th Round ReplayRebecca
3Board Game extendedNottingham Forest3-3Blackpool 4th RoundRebecca
3Board Game extendedLiverpool2-4Blackpool 3rd RoundRebecca
2 LostExtended EditionGrimsby4-3Blackpool 3rd RoundBenjamin
1 LostBoard GameBlackpool1-4Middlesbrough FinalBenjamin
1Board GameBlackpool4-0Newport County Semi-FinalsBenjamin
1Board GameBlackpool2-0Nottingham Forest Quarter-Finals ReplayBenjamin
1Board GameNottingham Forest3-3Blackpool Quarter-FinalsBenjamin
1Board GameManchester United0-2Blackpool 5th RoundBenjamin
1Board GameBlackpool1-0Tottenham Hotspur 4th RoundBenjamin