Hull - The Championship

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
409 LostThe complete FA CupHull0-1Charlton 3rd RoundKane
408 LostThe complete FA CupHull0-2Wolverhampton 3rd RoundJon
407 LostThe complete FA CupCoventry City3-1Hull 3rd RoundJon
395 LostThe complete FA CupBlackpool3-2Hull 4th Round ReplayJon
395The complete FA CupHull1-1Blackpool 4th RoundJon
395The complete FA CupHull4-3Aston Villa 3rd RoundJon
388 LostThe complete FA CupHull1-4Crystal Palace 3rd RoundLori
368 LostBoard Game extendedEverton4-2Hull 4th Roundwilko
368Board Game extendedHull1-0Walsall 3rd Roundwilko
365 LostBoard Game extendedAldershot5-4Hull 3rd Roundtom
353 LostThe complete FA CupHull1-2West Ham 4th RoundLorena
353The complete FA CupBlackburn1-2Hull 3rd RoundLorena
351 LostBoard GameGrimsby1-0Hull 4th RoundBenjamin
350 LostThe complete FA CupSheffield United4-2Hull 3rd RoundPen
349 LostBoard GameCoventry City4-1Hull 4th RoundDrew
339 LostExtended EditionHull3-4Southampton 4th RoundRebecca
339Extended EditionKing's Lynn1-2Hull 3rd RoundRebecca
319 LostBoard GameNewcastle3-2Hull Semi-Finals ReplayTC
319Board GameHull3-3Newcastle Semi-FinalsTC
319Board GameGrimsby1-2Hull Quarter-FinalsTC
319Board GameHull3-0Bournemouth 5th RoundTC
319Board GameScunthorpe0-4Hull 4th RoundTC
307 LostExtended EditionHull0-1Barnsley 4th RoundIain
307Extended EditionEmley1-4Hull 3rd Round ReplayIain
307Extended EditionHull1-1Emley 3rd RoundIain
228Board GameNotts County0-1Hull 4th RoundBob
204 LostExtended EditionWolverhampton4-1Hull 5th RoundBenjamin
204Extended EditionHull3-0Yeovil Town 4th RoundBenjamin
204Extended EditionDerby1-4Hull 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
204Extended EditionHull3-3Derby 3rd RoundBenjamin
185 LostBoard GameBarnsley4-1Hull 4th Roundsteve
178 LostBoard Game extendedCrewe Alexandra4-1Hull 3rd Round Replay 2ren
178Board Game extendedHull1-1Crewe Alexandra 3rd Round Replayren
178Board Game extendedCrewe Alexandra4-4Hull 3rd Roundren
168 LostBoard GameHull2-3Chelsea Quarter-FinalsE
168Board GameHull2-1Leyton Orient 5th RoundE
168Board GameHull2-1Plymouth Argyle 4th RoundE
167 LostThe complete FA CupHull0-5Stockport 3rd Round ReplayC
167The complete FA CupStockport0-0Hull 3rd RoundC
166 LostThe complete FA CupHull1-2Charlton 3rd Roundsteve
164 LostThe complete FA CupHull2-3Arsenal Quarter Finalsnicky
164The complete FA CupNorwich1-3Hull 5th Roundnicky
164The complete FA CupHull2-0Ipswich 4th Round Replaynicky
164The complete FA CupIpswich0-0Hull 4th Roundnicky
164The complete FA CupHull3-1South Shields 3rd Roundnicky
146 LostThe complete FA CupHull2-4Everton 4th Roundian
146The complete FA CupCarlisle1-4Hull 3rd Round Replay 2ian
146The complete FA CupHull1-1Carlisle 3rd Round Replayian
146The complete FA CupCarlisle1-1Hull 3rd Roundian
138 LostThe complete FA CupHull0-1Newcastle 3rd Round ReplayH
138The complete FA CupNewcastle3-3Hull 3rd RoundH
137 LostBoard Game extendedDarlington4-1Hull 4th RoundPD
137Board Game extendedHull4-1Charlton 3rd RoundPD
133 LostBoard GameHull4-5Halifax 4th RoundH
132Board GameChesterfield0-3Hull 4th RoundEvie
131 LostBoard GameHull0-3Sunderland Semi-FinalsZoe
131Board GameHull2-1Torquay Quarter-FinalsZoe
131Board GameHull3-1Grimsby 5th RoundZoe
131Board GameStoke City0-1Hull 4th RoundZoe
125 LostThe complete FA CupOldham5-3Hull 4th Round Replay 2Rebecca
125The complete FA CupHull4-4Oldham 4th Round ReplayRebecca
125The complete FA CupOldham0-0Hull 4th RoundRebecca
125The complete FA CupCardiff1-4Hull 3rd RoundRebecca
124 LostThe complete FA CupPlymouth Argyle4-3Hull 3rd Round ReplayMum
124The complete FA CupHull4-4Plymouth Argyle 3rd RoundMum
110 LostBoard GameHull0-1Ipswich 4th RoundCaroline
87 LostClassic - Major European LeaguesHull1-4Lincoln City 4th Roundmam
82 LostThe complete FA CupBolton4-0Hull 5th RoundUSA
82The complete FA CupHull4-2Swansea Town 4th Round Replay 3USA
82The complete FA CupSwansea Town1-1Hull 4th Round Replay 2USA
82The complete FA CupHull2-2Swansea Town 4th Round ReplayUSA
82The complete FA CupSwansea Town1-1Hull 4th RoundUSA
82The complete FA CupHull3-2Bristol City 3rd RoundUSA
80 LostBoard GameSheffield Wednesday4-1Hull 4th Roundluke
78 LostExtended EditionSwansea Town4-0Hull 4th RoundRebecca
78Extended EditionLincoln City1-4Hull 3rd RoundRebecca
76 LostBoard GameHull0-1Torquay Quarter-FinalsIain
76Board GameBarnsley1-3Hull 5th RoundIain
76Board GameWalsall1-2Hull 4th RoundIain
75 LostExtended EditionHull2-3Chelsea 5th RoundBenjamin
75Extended EditionHull4-3Leeds United 4th RoundBenjamin
75Extended EditionHull4-0Scunthorpe 3rd RoundBenjamin
72 LostExtended EditionWest Ham3-2Hull 4th Round ReplayIain
72Extended EditionHull2-2West Ham 4th RoundIain
72Extended EditionHull3-1Stockport 3rd RoundIain
69 LostExtended EditionLiverpool4-0Hull Semi-FinalsRebecca
69Extended EditionWest Bromwich Albion0-3Hull Quarter-FinalsRebecca
69Extended EditionHull4-1Romford 5th Round Replay 2Rebecca
69Extended EditionRomford4-4Hull 5th Round ReplayRebecca
69Extended EditionHull1-1Romford 5th RoundRebecca
69Extended EditionHull3-1Rotherham 4th RoundRebecca
69Extended EditionFleetwood1-3Hull 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
69Extended EditionHull1-1Fleetwood 3rd RoundRebecca
67 LostBoard GameCharlton4-1Hull 4th Roundnumpty
56 LostThe complete FA CupHull0-4Norwich 4th RoundRebecca
56The complete FA CupHull2-1Bolton 3rd RoundRebecca
54 LostBoard GameHull0-1Newcastle 4th Round ReplayRebecca
54Board GameNewcastle2-2Hull 4th RoundRebecca
52 LostClassic Mode +Huddersfield4-1Hull 4th RoundCarole
49 LostBoard GameHull0-1Luton Town 4th RoundBenjamin2
47 LostBoard GameLeyton Orient5-0Hull 4th RoundChris
46 LostExtended EditionHull2-4Wycombe Wanderers 3rd RoundRebecca
44 LostBoard Game extendedArsenal2-1Hull 5th RoundRebecca
44Board Game extendedHuddersfield0-4Hull 4th RoundRebecca
44Board Game extendedNewcastle0-3Hull 3rd RoundRebecca
43 LostExtended EditionHull0-3Stoke City 4th RoundBenjamin
43Extended EditionWigan Athletic0-1Hull 3rd RoundBenjamin
42 LostExtended EditionHull2-4Charlton 3rd RoundDavid
41 LostExtended EditionGainsborough Trinity5-3Hull 3rd RoundMatthew
37 LostBoard GameWatford5-4Hull 4th Round ReplayAnn
37Board GameHull1-1Watford 4th RoundAnn
36 LostBoard GameHull2-4Leyton Orient Semi-FinalsBenjamin
36Board GameHull2-1Plymouth Argyle Quarter-FinalsBenjamin
36Board GameBristol City0-3Hull 5th Round ReplayBenjamin
36Board GameHull2-2Bristol City 5th RoundBenjamin
36Board GameAldershot0-1Hull 4th RoundBenjamin
33 LostBoard Game extendedBradford City4-0Hull 4th RoundBenjamin
33Board Game extendedHull1-0Newport County 3rd RoundBenjamin
32 LostBoard Game extendedHull1-5Reading 3rd RoundMatt
31 LostExtended EditionYork4-3Hull 3rd RoundAnn
30 LostExtended EditionHull1-4Walsall 3rd RoundBenjamin
28 LostExtended EditionMiddlesbrough4-1Hull 3rd RoundWenger
26 LostExtended EditionWimbledon London4-0Hull 3rd RoundPhil
25 LostBoard Game extendedArsenal2-1Hull 4th RoundPhil
25Board Game extendedOxford0-2Hull 3rd RoundPhil
24 LostBoard GameScunthorpe5-0Hull 4th Round Replay 2Terence
24Board GameHull1-1Scunthorpe 4th Round ReplayTerence
24Board GameScunthorpe1-1Hull 4th RoundTerence
23 LostBoard Game extendedHull2-4Wolverhampton 3rd Round ReplayMatthew
23Board Game extendedWolverhampton1-1Hull 3rd RoundMatthew
20 LostExtended EditionHull2-4Sunderland 5th RoundRebecca
20Extended EditionCorinthian-Casuals2-3Hull 4th Round ReplayRebecca
20Extended EditionHull2-2Corinthian-Casuals 4th RoundRebecca
20Extended EditionKettering Town0-1Hull 3rd RoundRebecca
19 LostBoard Game extendedHull0-5Port Vale 4th RoundBenjamin
19Board Game extendedNottingham Forest2-4Hull 3rd RoundBenjamin
15 LostExtended EditionWest Bromwich Albion3-2Hull 5th RoundBenjamin
15Extended EditionHull1-0Darlington 4th RoundBenjamin
15Extended EditionPreston North End1-3Hull 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
15Extended EditionHull3-3Preston North End 3rd RoundBenjamin
14 LostBoard Game extendedHull2-6Luton Town 5th RoundRebecca
14Board Game extendedHull1-0Southport 4th RoundRebecca
14Board Game extendedRotherham0-2Hull 3rd RoundRebecca
11 LostBoard GameHull3-4Crystal Palace 4th RoundRebecca
9 LostBoard Game extendedTranmere5-1Hull 3rd RoundIain
4 LostBoard GameHull1-3Carlisle 5th RoundIain
4Board GameHull3-1Blackpool 4th RoundIain
3 LostBoard Game extendedBlackburn3-2Hull 4th RoundIain
3Board Game extendedHull1-0Rotherham 3rd RoundIain