Shrewsbury - League 1/2

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
425The complete FA CupCheltenham Saracens0-4Shrewsbury 1st Roundf
409 LostThe complete FA CupShrewsbury0-1Hillingdon Borough 2nd RoundAubameyang
409The complete FA CupShrewsbury2-0York 1st RoundAubameyang
408 LostThe complete FA CupShrewsbury0-4Mansfield 2nd RoundJon
408The complete FA CupSouth Shields1-3Shrewsbury 1st RoundJon
407 LostThe complete FA CupPort Vale3-2Shrewsbury 2nd Round ReplayJon
407The complete FA CupShrewsbury0-0Port Vale 2nd RoundJon
407The complete FA CupShrewsbury3-1Poole Town 1st RoundJon
395 LostThe complete FA CupBradford City4-0Shrewsbury 3rd Round Replay 2Jon
395The complete FA CupShrewsbury0-0Bradford City 3rd Round ReplayJon
395The complete FA CupBradford City1-1Shrewsbury 3rd RoundJon
395The complete FA CupShrewsbury3-1Notts County 2nd RoundJon
395The complete FA CupShrewsbury1-0Yeovil Town 1st RoundJon
388 LostThe complete FA CupBolton2-0Shrewsbury 4th RoundLori
388The complete FA CupAston Villa1-5Shrewsbury 3rd Round ReplayLori
388The complete FA CupShrewsbury0-0Aston Villa 3rd RoundLori
388The complete FA CupEastleigh0-3Shrewsbury 2nd RoundLori
388The complete FA CupShrewsbury2-1Aldershot 1st RoundLori
368 LostBoard Game extendedLeeds United4-2Shrewsbury Quarter-FinalsYesSteve
368Board Game extendedShrewsbury1-0Sheffield United 5th RoundYesSteve
368Board Game extendedShrewsbury5-0Luton Town 4th Round ReplayYesSteve
368Board Game extendedLuton Town1-1Shrewsbury 4th RoundYesSteve
368Board Game extendedBury0-1Shrewsbury 3rd Round ReplaySteve
368Board Game extendedShrewsbury1-1Bury 3rd RoundSteve
365 LostBoard Game extendedShrewsbury0-1Charlton 3rd Roundtom
353 LostThe complete FA CupYork3-0Shrewsbury 1st Round ReplayPa
353The complete FA CupShrewsbury3-3York 1st RoundPa
351 LostBoard GameNotts County1-0Shrewsbury Quarter-FinalsJames
351Board GameDerby1-4Shrewsbury 5th Round Replay 2James
351Board GameShrewsbury1-1Derby 5th Round ReplayJames
351Board GameDerby1-1Shrewsbury 5th RoundJames
351Board GameCrewe Alexandra0-1Shrewsbury 4th RoundJames
350 LostThe complete FA CupShrewsbury1-4Swindon Town 2nd RoundJoan
350The complete FA CupMacclesfield0-3Shrewsbury 1st RoundJoan
340 LostBoard GameShrewsbury1-4Fulham 4th Round3
338 LostBoard GameHalifax4-0Shrewsbury 4th Round ReplayAndrew
338Board GameShrewsbury1-1Halifax 4th RoundAndrew
250Board Game extendedShrewsbury1-0Southend 3rd Round ReplayD
250Board Game extendedSouthend1-1Shrewsbury 3rd RoundD
224Board GameShrewsbury4-1Gillingham 5th RoundMam
191The complete FA CupShrewsbury3-1Southend 2nd Round ReplayChloe
191The complete FA CupSouthend3-3Shrewsbury 2nd RoundChloe
191The complete FA CupShrewsbury1-0Peterborough 1st RoundChloe
190 LostClassic Mode +Shrewsbury2-3Swansea Town 3rd Round Replay 2h
190Classic Mode +Swansea Town1-1Shrewsbury 3rd Round Replayh
190Classic Mode +Shrewsbury3-3Swansea Town 3rd Roundh
185 LostBoard GameSheffield United4-0Shrewsbury 5th Roundsteve
185Board GameShrewsbury4-1Carlisle 4th Roundsteve
168 LostBoard GameShrewsbury1-3Nottingham Forest 5th RoundE
168Board GameShrewsbury1-0Hartlepool 4th RoundE
167 LostThe complete FA CupShrewsbury1-4Sheffield Wednesday 3rd RoundE
167The complete FA CupChester2-3Shrewsbury 2nd Round ReplayE
167The complete FA CupShrewsbury3-3Chester 2nd RoundE
167The complete FA CupWalsall0-4Shrewsbury 1st RoundE
166 LostThe complete FA CupSouth Shields3-1Shrewsbury 4th Roundade
166The complete FA CupShrewsbury5-1Chelsea 3rd Round Replayade
166The complete FA CupChelsea2-2Shrewsbury 3rd Roundade
166The complete FA CupChelmsford City1-2Shrewsbury 2nd Roundade
166The complete FA CupShrewsbury4-2Sutton United 1st RoundYesade
164 LostThe complete FA CupShrewsbury3-4Penrith 2nd Roundsteve
164The complete FA CupBradford City2-4Shrewsbury 1st Roundsteve
159 LostExtended EditionBradford Park Avenue1-0Shrewsbury 2nd Roundade
146 LostThe complete FA CupNottingham Forest1-0Shrewsbury 4th Roundian
146The complete FA CupWalsall1-4Shrewsbury 3rd Roundian
146The complete FA CupHalifax1-3Shrewsbury 2nd Roundian
146The complete FA CupPeterborough2-3Shrewsbury 1st Roundian
138 LostThe complete FA CupChesterfield5-0Shrewsbury 3rd RoundJel
138The complete FA CupShrewsbury4-1Didcot Town 2nd RoundJel
138The complete FA CupShrewsbury3-0Grimsby 1st RoundJel
137 LostBoard Game extendedShrewsbury0-4West Ham 4th Round ReplayGary
137Board Game extendedWest Ham1-1Shrewsbury 4th RoundGary
137Board Game extendedShrewsbury5-2Nottingham Forest 3rd RoundGary
125 LostThe complete FA CupShrewsbury0-4Port Vale 3rd RoundIain
125The complete FA CupHartlepool0-3Shrewsbury 2nd RoundIain
125The complete FA CupWalsall0-1Shrewsbury 1st Round ReplayIain
125The complete FA CupShrewsbury3-3Walsall 1st RoundIain
124 LostThe complete FA CupGateshead2-1Shrewsbury 1st RoundMartin
119 LostBoard GameShrewsbury1-3Manchester City 5th Roundmorgo
119Board GameShrewsbury1-0Walsall 4th Roundmorgo
117 LostBoard GameTorquay5-0Shrewsbury 4th Rounderic
114 LostBoard Game extendedDerby2-1Shrewsbury 3rd RoundTess
95Board GameWatford1-4Shrewsbury 4th RoundJake
86 LostExtended EditionShrewsbury1-5Tranmere Quarter-FinalsYesBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionShrewsbury5-3Coventry City 5th RoundBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionSouthampton3-4Shrewsbury 4th RoundBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionShrewsbury3-0Maidenhead 3rd RoundBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionShrewsbury3-0Stourbridge 2nd RoundBenjamiiiiiin
82 LostThe complete FA CupBradford Park Avenue3-2Shrewsbury 1st RoundUSA
78 LostExtended EditionShrewsbury3-5Maidenhead 2nd RoundJames
76 LostBoard GameShrewsbury0-1Barnsley 4th RoundIain
75 LostExtended EditionNorthampton4-3Shrewsbury 2nd RoundIain
74 LostClassic Mode +Bury4-0Shrewsbury 3rd RoundRebecca
71 LostBoard GameShrewsbury1-5Bournemouth 4th RoundBenjamin
69 LostExtended EditionSouthport3-1Shrewsbury 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
69Extended EditionShrewsbury1-1Southport 3rd RoundRebecca
69Extended EditionChelmsford City1-4Shrewsbury 2nd Round ReplayRebecca
69Extended EditionShrewsbury1-1Chelmsford City 2nd RoundRebecca
66 LostBoard GameBristol City3-0Shrewsbury 4th Roundisaac
56 LostThe complete FA CupShrewsbury0-2Boreham Wood 3rd RoundBenjamin
56The complete FA CupShrewsbury3-2Barnsley 2nd RoundBenjamin
56The complete FA CupBury2-4Shrewsbury 1st RoundBenjamin
44 LostBoard Game extendedShrewsbury0-3Plymouth Argyle 4th RoundBenjamin
44Board Game extendedShrewsbury5-0Ipswich 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
44Board Game extendedIpswich1-1Shrewsbury 3rd RoundBenjamin
43 LostExtended EditionShrewsbury0-3Bolton 3rd RoundIain
43Extended EditionEmley0-3Shrewsbury 2nd RoundIain
42 LostExtended EditionChelmsford City4-3Shrewsbury 2nd RoundBenjamin
41 LostExtended EditionBlackburn4-2Shrewsbury 4th Round ReplayYesRebecca
41Extended EditionShrewsbury2-2Blackburn 4th RoundYesRebecca
41Extended EditionQueen's Park Rangers0-2Shrewsbury 3rd Round Replay 5Rebecca
41Extended EditionShrewsbury2-2Queen's Park Rangers 3rd Round Replay 4Rebecca
41Extended EditionQueen's Park Rangers0-0Shrewsbury 3rd Round Replay 3Rebecca
41Extended EditionShrewsbury2-2Queen's Park Rangers 3rd Round Replay 2Rebecca
41Extended EditionQueen's Park Rangers1-1Shrewsbury 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
41Extended EditionShrewsbury2-2Queen's Park Rangers 3rd RoundRebecca
41Extended EditionShrewsbury3-1Heybridge Swifts 2nd RoundRebecca
35 LostExtended EditionShrewsbury1-4Heybridge Swifts 5th RoundYesIain
35Extended EditionSheffield United2-5Shrewsbury 4th RoundIain
35Extended EditionSouth Shields0-1Shrewsbury 3rd RoundIain
35Extended EditionDidcot Town0-3Shrewsbury 2nd RoundIain
33 LostBoard Game extendedDerby3-0Shrewsbury 3rd RoundBenjamin
32 LostBoard Game extendedBradford Park Avenue5-1Shrewsbury 4th RoundBenjamin
32Board Game extendedShrewsbury1-0Carlisle 3rd RoundBenjamin
30 LostExtended EditionShrewsbury1-4Oxford 2nd RoundPhil
29 LostBoard GameShrewsbury2-4Swansea Town 4th RoundYesHannah
28 LostExtended EditionShrewsbury1-4Witney Town 3rd RoundFerguson
28Extended EditionScunthorpe0-4Shrewsbury 2nd RoundFerguson
26 LostExtended EditionAldershot3-0Shrewsbury 2nd RoundTerence
25 LostBoard Game extendedDoncaster Rovers4-0Shrewsbury 3rd RoundMatt
23 LostBoard Game extendedChelsea4-0Shrewsbury 3rd RoundMatthew
20 LostExtended EditionMillwall1-0Shrewsbury 4th RoundBenjamin
20Extended EditionShrewsbury2-1Evenwood Town 3rd RoundBenjamin
20Extended EditionShrewsbury3-1King's Lynn 2nd RoundBenjamin
19 LostBoard Game extendedShrewsbury1-5Bristol Rovers 3rd Round Replay 2Rebecca
19Board Game extendedBristol Rovers0-0Shrewsbury 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
19Board Game extendedShrewsbury0-0Bristol Rovers 3rd RoundRebecca
9 LostBoard Game extendedShrewsbury0-1York 4th RoundAnn
9Board Game extendedShrewsbury4-1Burnley 3rd RoundAnn
3 LostBoard Game extendedTorquay4-1Shrewsbury 3rd Round ReplayAnn
3Board Game extendedShrewsbury4-4Torquay 3rd RoundAnn