Tranmere - League 1/2

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
425 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere0-3Fleetwood 1st Rounda
414 LostBoard GameTranmere0-3Birmingham 4th RoundJuve
409 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere2-3Southend 2nd RoundKane
409The complete FA CupTranmere4-3Brentford 1st RoundKane
408 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere3-4Gateshead 2nd RoundJon
408The complete FA CupChesterfield1-4Tranmere 1st RoundJon
407 LostThe complete FA CupBristol Rovers2-0Tranmere 1st RoundJon
395 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere0-5Peterborough 5th RoundJon
395The complete FA CupTranmere4-3Southampton 4th RoundJon
395The complete FA CupDoncaster Rovers0-5Tranmere 3rd Round ReplayJon
395The complete FA CupTranmere1-1Doncaster Rovers 3rd RoundJon
395The complete FA CupDulwich Hamlet0-3Tranmere 2nd Round ReplayJon
395The complete FA CupTranmere4-4Dulwich Hamlet 2nd RoundJon
395The complete FA CupTranmere4-0Luton Town 1st RoundJon
388 LostThe complete FA CupBradford City4-2Tranmere 2nd RoundClive
388The complete FA CupScunthorpe1-4Tranmere 1st RoundClive
367Board GameTranmere6-1Colchester Final ReplayYesEddie
367Board GameColchester1-1Tranmere FinalYesEddie
367Board GameTranmere6-1Peterborough Semi-Finals Replay 2YesEddie
367Board GamePeterborough2-2Tranmere Semi-Finals ReplayYesEddie
367Board GameTranmere6-6Peterborough Semi-FinalsYesEddie
367Board GameTranmere5-1Hartlepool Quarter-FinalsYesEddie
367Board GameTranmere5-2Bristol City 5th RoundYesEddie
367Board GameTranmere5-0Northampton 4th RoundEddie
365 LostBoard Game extendedPortsmouth1-0Tranmere 4th RoundDave
365Board Game extendedWolverhampton1-5Tranmere 3rd RoundDave
355 LostBoard GameAston Villa4-1Tranmere 4th RoundTom
353 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere1-3Bournemouth 2nd RoundJon
353The complete FA CupEnfield1-2Tranmere 1st RoundYesJon
350 LostThe complete FA CupMillwall2-0Tranmere 3rd RoundDolly
350The complete FA CupTranmere3-0Mansfield 2nd RoundDolly
350The complete FA CupTranmere3-1Wycombe Wanderers 1st RoundDolly
349 LostBoard GameTranmere1-2Blackpool 4th RoundBob
339 LostExtended EditionTranmere0-4Blackburn 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
339Extended EditionBlackburn1-1Tranmere 3rd RoundRebecca
339Extended EditionSouth Shields1-3Tranmere 2nd Round ReplayRebecca
339Extended EditionTranmere0-0South Shields 2nd RoundRebecca
337Board GameBradford Park Avenue1-5Tranmere 4th RoundChris
336 LostBoard GameSheffield Wednesday3-0Tranmere 4th RoundPb
305 LostBoard GameTranmere0-2Huddersfield 4th RoundAimee
250Board Game extendedTranmere1-0Southport 3rd RoundS
224Board GameTranmere1-0Northampton Quarter-FinalsMam
204 LostExtended EditionMillwall3-1Tranmere 3rd RoundRebecca
204Extended EditionLincoln City1-3Tranmere 2nd RoundRebecca
191 LostThe complete FA CupBrentford3-0Tranmere 2nd RoundHelen
191The complete FA CupTranmere3-1Merthyr Tydfil 1st RoundHelen
178Board Game extendedTranmere4-0Peterborough 3rd Roundren
167 LostThe complete FA CupBradford Park Avenue2-1Tranmere 1st RoundB
166 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere1-2Waterlooville 2nd Roundsteve
166The complete FA CupCheltenham Town1-4Tranmere 1st Roundsteve
164 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere3-4Grimsby 1st Roundian
159 LostExtended EditionMargate4-2Tranmere 3rd Roundguy
159Extended EditionTranmere1-0Holker Old Boys 2nd Roundguy
146 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere3-4Exeter 1st Roundgriff
141 LostBoard GameManchester City1-0Tranmere 4th Roundkr
138 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere0-4Barnet 1st RoundJel
137 LostBoard Game extendedMansfield4-1Tranmere 3rd RoundPD
127 LostBoard GameTranmere0-1Brighton 4th Round Replay 2Scott
127Board GameBrighton0-0Tranmere 4th Round ReplayScott
127Board GameTranmere4-4Brighton 4th RoundScott
125 LostThe complete FA CupWorkington4-3Tranmere 2nd Round ReplayBenjamin
125The complete FA CupTranmere3-3Workington 2nd RoundBenjamin
125The complete FA CupKing's Lynn1-3Tranmere 1st RoundBenjamin
124 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere1-4Brentford 1st RoundDaniel
120 LostExtended EditionTranmere3-4Nuneaton Borough 2nd RoundBenjamin
114 LostBoard Game extendedPortsmouth2-0Tranmere 3rd RoundDave
95Board GameGrimsby0-4Tranmere 4th RoundCorby
87 LostClassic - Major European LeaguesSpandauer SV1-0Tranmere 4th Roundisaac
86 LostExtended EditionTranmere1-2Newcastle Semi-FinalsBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionShrewsbury1-5Tranmere Quarter-FinalsBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionTranmere5-1York 5th RoundBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionTranmere1-0Leicester City 4th RoundBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionTranmere4-3Huddersfield 3rd RoundBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionDulwich Hamlet1-2Tranmere 2nd Round Replay 2Benjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionTranmere0-0Dulwich Hamlet 2nd Round ReplayBenjamiiiiiin
86Extended EditionDulwich Hamlet3-3Tranmere 2nd RoundBenjamiiiiiin
82 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere0-4Carlisle 3rd Round ReplayFrance
82The complete FA CupCarlisle4-4Tranmere 3rd RoundFrance
82The complete FA CupSouthend0-2Tranmere 2nd RoundFrance
82The complete FA CupWalsall1-3Tranmere 1st Round ReplayFrance
82The complete FA CupTranmere4-4Walsall 1st RoundFrance
76 LostBoard GameTranmere1-3Newcastle 5th Round ReplayIain
76Board GameNewcastle1-1Tranmere 5th RoundIain
76Board GameBournemouth1-4Tranmere 4th RoundIain
69 LostExtended EditionTranmere2-6Cheltenham Saracens 2nd RoundRebecca
67 LostBoard GameLincoln City5-0Tranmere 4th Roundspuds
61 LostBoard GameTranmere0-1Oldham Semi-Finals Replay 2Ryan
61Board GameOldham1-1Tranmere Semi-Finals ReplayRyan
61Board GameTranmere1-1Oldham Semi-FinalsRyan
61Board GameDoncaster Rovers1-4Tranmere Quarter-FinalsRyan
61Board GameTranmere5-0Port Vale 5th RoundRyan
61Board GameTranmere4-0Crewe Alexandra 4th RoundRyan
56 LostThe complete FA CupTranmere2-4Clapton 1st Round Replay 2Benjamin
56The complete FA CupClapton2-2Tranmere 1st Round ReplayBenjamin
56The complete FA CupTranmere0-0Clapton 1st RoundBenjamin
54 LostBoard GameTranmere1-4Manchester United 4th RoundIain
52 LostClassic Mode +Tranmere2-3Burnley Quarter-FinalsYesBenjamin
52Classic Mode +Tranmere1-0Manchester City 5th RoundYesBenjamin
52Classic Mode +Gateshead3-5Tranmere 4th RoundBenjamin
52Classic Mode +Poole Town0-1Tranmere 3rd RoundBenjamin
46 LostExtended EditionTranmere0-4Chelsea 4th RoundIain
46Extended EditionTranmere3-0Leyton Orient 3rd RoundIain
46Extended EditionTranmere3-0Bury 2nd RoundIain
45 LostClassic Mode +Doncaster Rovers4-3Tranmere 3rd Round ReplayRebecca
45Classic Mode +Tranmere3-3Doncaster Rovers 3rd RoundRebecca
44 LostBoard Game extendedTranmere1-5York 3rd RoundAnn
42 LostExtended EditionBrentford3-0Tranmere 2nd RoundAndrew
41 LostExtended EditionTranmere3-4Sutton United 2nd RoundBenjamin
35 LostExtended EditionTranmere0-3Leicester City FinalAnn
35Extended EditionTranmere1-0Crewe Alexandra Semi-Finals Replay 2Ann
35Extended EditionCrewe Alexandra0-0Tranmere Semi-Finals ReplayAnn
35Extended EditionTranmere1-1Crewe Alexandra Semi-FinalsAnn
35Extended EditionTranmere5-1Corinthian-Casuals Quarter-FinalsAnn
35Extended EditionHolker Old Boys1-4Tranmere 5th Round ReplayAnn
35Extended EditionTranmere1-1Holker Old Boys 5th RoundAnn
35Extended EditionNottingham Forest2-4Tranmere 4th Round ReplayAnn
35Extended EditionTranmere1-1Nottingham Forest 4th RoundAnn
35Extended EditionPlymouth Argyle0-1Tranmere 3rd RoundAnn
35Extended EditionTranmere3-1Wigan Athletic 2nd RoundAnn
34 LostBoard GamePlymouth Argyle4-1Tranmere 4th RoundIain
33 LostBoard Game extendedTranmere2-3Fulham 5th RoundYesPhil
33Board Game extendedArsenal1-4Tranmere 4th RoundPhil
33Board Game extendedTranmere5-4Queen's Park Rangers 3rd RoundPhil
32 LostBoard Game extendedManchester City3-2Tranmere 5th Round Replay 2YesMatt
32Board Game extendedTranmere5-5Manchester City 5th Round ReplayYesMatt
32Board Game extendedManchester City5-5Tranmere 5th RoundYesMatt
32Board Game extendedTorquay4-5Tranmere 4th Round ReplayYesMatt
32Board Game extendedTranmere1-1Torquay 4th RoundYesMatt
32Board Game extendedLincoln City1-4Tranmere 3rd RoundMatt
30 LostExtended EditionTranmere3-4Port Vale 2nd RoundPhil
28 LostExtended EditionTranmere0-2Halifax 2nd RoundMourinho
26 LostExtended EditionSheffield Wednesday3-2Tranmere Semi-FinalsYesTerence
26Extended EditionBury2-5Tranmere Quarter-Finals Replay 3YesTerence
26Extended EditionTranmere2-2Bury Quarter-Finals Replay 2YesTerence
26Extended EditionBury1-1Tranmere Quarter-Finals ReplayYesTerence
26Extended EditionTranmere1-1Bury Quarter-FinalsYesTerence
26Extended EditionTranmere6-5Crystal Palace 5th RoundYesTerence
26Extended EditionTranmere6-0York 4th RoundYesTerence
26Extended EditionCarlisle3-4Tranmere 3rd RoundYesTerence
26Extended EditionSwindon Town1-4Tranmere 2nd RoundYesTerence
23 LostBoard Game extendedLeeds United2-1Tranmere 3rd RoundBenjamin
18 LostBoard GameTranmere1-4Rotherham 5th Round ReplayRebecca
18Board GameRotherham5-5Tranmere 5th RoundRebecca
18Board GameTranmere4-1Scunthorpe 4th RoundRebecca
15 LostExtended EditionGoole Town4-0Tranmere 3rd RoundBenjamin
15Extended EditionTranmere3-0Boreham Wood 2nd Round ReplayBenjamin
15Extended EditionBoreham Wood0-0Tranmere 2nd RoundBenjamin
14 LostBoard Game extendedWest Bromwich Albion3-1Tranmere 3rd RoundBenjamin
9 LostBoard Game extendedTranmere1-4Chelsea 4th RoundIain
9Board Game extendedTranmere5-1Hull 3rd RoundIain
2 LostExtended EditionWorkington3-1Tranmere 2nd RoundBenjamin