Morecambe - Conference

Matches in the quarter-finals or later are a darker green. Team featured is in bold. When a team goes out, "Lost" is shown in the Game ID column.

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Game ID Game Mode Home Team - Away Team Round IntStar Manager
425 LostThe complete FA CupMerthyr Tydfil5-0Morecambe 1st Roundf
409 LostThe complete FA CupWest Bromwich Albion5-1Morecambe 5th RoundPogba
409The complete FA CupPlymouth Argyle1-5Morecambe 4th RoundPogba
409The complete FA CupMorecambe4-1Tottenham Hotspur 3rd RoundPogba
409The complete FA CupLancaster City4-5Morecambe 2nd RoundYesPogba
409The complete FA CupMorecambe4-2Southport 1st RoundYesPogba
395 LostThe complete FA CupMorecambe1-3Bradford City 2nd RoundJon
395The complete FA CupMorecambe3-1Scunthorpe 1st Round Replay 2Jon
395The complete FA CupScunthorpe3-3Morecambe 1st Round ReplayJon
395The complete FA CupMorecambe0-0Scunthorpe 1st RoundJon
350 LostThe complete FA CupChester5-2Morecambe 3rd Round ReplayJoan
350The complete FA CupMorecambe1-1Chester 3rd RoundJoan
350The complete FA CupMorecambe3-0Stockport 2nd RoundJoan
350The complete FA CupWaterlooville0-2Morecambe 1st Round ReplayJoan
350The complete FA CupMorecambe1-1Waterlooville 1st RoundJoan
339 LostExtended EditionMorecambe1-4Crystal Palace 4th RoundRebecca
339Extended EditionEvenwood Town0-4Morecambe 3rd RoundRebecca
339Extended EditionTorquay1-2Morecambe 2nd RoundRebecca
204 LostExtended EditionWalsall3-0Morecambe 2nd Round Replay 2Rebecca
204Extended EditionMorecambe2-2Walsall 2nd Round ReplayRebecca
204Extended EditionWalsall3-3Morecambe 2nd RoundRebecca
191 LostThe complete FA CupMorecambe1-3Notts County 2nd RoundNaomi
191The complete FA CupMorecambe1-0Halifax 1st RoundNaomi
167 LostThe complete FA CupMorecambe1-3Bournemouth 1st Round ReplayE
167The complete FA CupBournemouth4-4Morecambe 1st RoundE
166 LostThe complete FA CupYeovil Town2-1Morecambe 1st Roundian
164 LostThe complete FA CupMorecambe1-2Luton Town 2nd Roundnicky
164The complete FA CupMorecambe3-0Witney Town 1st Roundnicky
138 LostThe complete FA CupMorecambe3-5Witney Town 1st RoundPD
125 LostThe complete FA CupMorecambe3-4Southport 2nd RoundDaniel
125The complete FA CupMorecambe3-2Barnsley 1st Round ReplayDaniel
125The complete FA CupBarnsley3-3Morecambe 1st RoundDaniel
120 LostExtended EditionSouthport4-1Morecambe 2nd RoundBenjamin
86 LostExtended EditionLuton Town4-2Morecambe 2nd RoundIsaaaaaac
72 LostExtended EditionMorecambe0-1Halifax 3rd RoundIain
72Extended EditionCheltenham Town0-4Morecambe 2nd RoundIain
46 LostExtended EditionWycombe Wanderers2-1Morecambe Quarter-Finals Replay 5YesBenjamin
46Extended EditionMorecambe1-1Wycombe Wanderers Quarter-Finals Replay 4YesBenjamin
46Extended EditionWycombe Wanderers1-1Morecambe Quarter-Finals Replay 3YesBenjamin
46Extended EditionMorecambe2-2Wycombe Wanderers Quarter-Finals Replay 2YesBenjamin
46Extended EditionWycombe Wanderers1-1Morecambe Quarter-Finals ReplayYesBenjamin
46Extended EditionMorecambe1-1Wycombe Wanderers Quarter-FinalsYesBenjamin
46Extended EditionChesterfield0-1Morecambe 5th RoundYesBenjamin
46Extended EditionLiverpool1-3Morecambe 4th RoundYesBenjamin
46Extended EditionChasetown1-5Morecambe 3rd Round Replay 3Benjamin
46Extended EditionMorecambe1-1Chasetown 3rd Round Replay 2Benjamin
46Extended EditionChasetown4-4Morecambe 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
46Extended EditionMorecambe1-1Chasetown 3rd RoundBenjamin
46Extended EditionMorecambe4-2Crook Town 2nd RoundBenjamin
45 LostClassic Mode +Morecambe0-2Aston Villa 4th RoundBenjamin
45Classic Mode +Morecambe2-0York 3rd RoundBenjamin
43 LostExtended EditionKingstonian4-0Morecambe 3rd Round ReplayBenjamin
43Extended EditionMorecambe0-0Kingstonian 3rd RoundBenjamin
43Extended EditionSouthport0-2Morecambe 2nd RoundBenjamin
41 LostExtended EditionMorecambe2-3Charlton 4th RoundYesMatthew
41Extended EditionMorecambe2-1Horwich RMI 3rd RoundYesMatthew
41Extended EditionGillingham0-2Morecambe 2nd RoundYesMatthew
20 LostExtended EditionCrewe Alexandra3-1Morecambe 2nd RoundRebecca
15 LostExtended EditionMorecambe1-2Blackpool 3rd RoundRebecca
15Extended EditionCheltenham Saracens0-4Morecambe 2nd RoundRebecca
2 LostExtended EditionMorecambe1-4Bury 3rd RoundBenjamin
2Extended EditionMorecambe3-1Oldham 2nd RoundBenjamin